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Today technology is changing the world at a rapid pace. Now more than ever, ‘Art Station Online . Live’ has made it easier to learn your drawing & painting sessions much easier. Get personalised recommendations. WhatsApp +91 9620184702

Art Station is determined to hone the skills and give formal guidance to our students by opening the creative energy, and groom passionate people who understand ‘it is never too late’ to venture into the world of colours and creativity. Learning art encourages self-discipline and diligence, traits that carry over into intellectual pursuits. Today, the World started recognising the benefits of art and would implore maximum people to take part in this revival.

BOTANICAL ILLUSTRATIONS : Get Started with LIVE Botanical Drawing covering what you need to know about strokes, colour, colour mixing and getting the glazes and mixes

PORTRAIT DRAWING : Step by step tutorials and different methods with which to approach portrait drawing. Find more inspiration and techniques LIVE from the professional artist.

STILL LIFE : Learn the skills of drawing, how to look at objects & see them with a perceptive awareness of their outline, shape, proportions, tone, colour, texture, form & composition

LANDSCAPE PAINTING : Learn an easy approach to create landscape painting. LIVE simple techniques for creating everything from clouds, trees & bushes to buildings etc

FIGURE DRAWING : Online classes is for those who wish to learn how to draw  human figures. Learn how to use simple volumes and forms to create figure drawings with a strong sense of depth and solidity.

PALETTE KNIFE : Learn knife techniques to create sharp strokes, angular strokes; sweeping colours, knife dabbing, building up layers, scratching etc. Improve and expand knowledge and skill levels & build confidence

PERSPECTIVE DRAWING : Learn perspective drawing and improve your drawing skill. To draw realistically, understanding these methods are vital. Perspective is one of these approaches that will help you to become a better artist.

CLAY MODELING: Learn to make a sculptures through our LIVE sessions. You will learn how to use modelling tools and how to start to sculpt any cast or copy from images – from the beginning to the completed piece.


An online platform for Artist and Art enthusiast to connect with Master Artists and Traditional Artisans from various regions. Artist Abhilash Vijayakumar’s (Founder – Art Station & Clay O Pottery) curated art workshops will help you to select your interested art forms relevant to your level.

Madhubani, Gond, Kerala Mural, Tanjore Painting, Pattachitra, Shekhawati, Lippan, Urban arts, Mandala etc are few in the list.

Checking the credentials of artists, materials you’ll need, multilingual facilities etc will ensure your learning experience comprehensive. Explore the opportunity to learn direct from Masters and get feedback LIVE on your masterpieces !


Our Team

VANIDAS M – A self-taught artist who quit his software architect job and picked brushes & colours..

SHRUTIKA D – From NIFT with 6 years experience. Expert in Mandala & Pottery

SAMIKHYA PATRA – Aspiring Artist and designer by profession..

NASEEM – A growing artist born and brought up in the city of Culture and Art, Udaipur.


What our students have to say


vaishnavi sandhya rani : You have been some of the best teachers I’ve ever had. First thing I need to tell is the atmosphere and surroundings that you created in art station was simply awesome. By just seeing those I joined your classes. I am very thankful for being able to be a part of your classes, I enjoyed every single lesson. You have been great role models for me, you have taught me to be able to see the kind of passion you put in your art work, and I am more than willing to do this on my side with the skills and abilities you have shared with me

Nancy Rojas : I can’t believe there are so little reviews. This place is totally amazing! I decided to take lessons for 1 week and I have spent already 3 there. The place itself and Abhi the owner make you feel home.
You can express yourself in different ways: painting, sketching, clay modeling, etc.
Take a visit and you’ll see!

Sujith Nair : It’s an awesome place for people of all age groups. Whether you want to learn a new skill or want to bring out the hidden artist in you or have few stress busting workshops, this is a right art studio/school. 

My five year old goes to this school for drawing. I was really impressed with the ambience created by Abhilash and his teaching approach. He is really passionate about art and teaching.

Anitha palaniswamy : If anyone looking for a place to learn art peacefully, then this place is the right one ..
Went there for Buddha Workshop , and it was a great experience ..
Abhilash sir teaches everything from scratch with no hurry, and waits patiently for us to grasp and put in action ..

neha verma -Not only an institute. Just an awesome place where u can learn lot many things. ❤️