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Clarke asks Raven if she tried to poison Lexa and Raven punches Clarke in the face, and tells her that "She's the only murderer here". There is a loud crack and suddenly, Indra is thrown down by a bullet in her shoulder.

Abigail suspects Raven had something to do with their escape plan, which she did, and interrogates her. When Clarke says nothing, ALIE forces Abby to hang herself to again try and get the information out of Clarke. In Earth Kills, in a flashback to a year ago on the Ark, Clarke and her father, Jake Griffin, are watching a soccer match from 2001 on a projection along with and his father, Chancellor Jaha. While Clarke is in the City of Light, Abby watches as Ontari begins seizing and she performs chest compressions on her since if Clarke doesn't get enough nightblood, the flame will kill her. Clarke tearfully states that she didn't meant to and Gaia reassures her that she's sure that Abby knew that just as Madi doesn't mean to hurt Clarke. Commander Shumway alerts Kane and he goes after Abby. After Abby got clean, Vinson was unwilling to let her go and attempted to murder Marcus Kane in order to use her grief to drive Abby back into addiction and dependence upon him. Once Clarke and Abby meet back up at Camp Jaha, Abby tells Clarke that they decided against blowing the radio tower because they're not sure if there are any Ark survivors but they are sure that there are 47 Sky People trapped in Mount Weather. She is confronted by an angry Raven who she didn't clear medically, removing her from work, though Abby claims it was for her own good. In We Are Grounders (Part 1), Jaha is speaking with the Council and the Station Representatives, telling them that there is no way for anyone to get to the Earth.

Abby realizes that Clarke knew about the missile ahead of time and can't believe that Clarke would let it happen. Emerson reveals the four additional Sky People they captured outside the Mountain: Zoe Monroe, Sgt. Clarke wants to evacuate everyone but Lexa tells her they can't since Mount Weather will know that they have someone on the inside.

A few hours later, Abby is pacing around while Raven works on the drop ship. She says they won't be retaliating since the commander will bring them to justice. Reese's father, Tor Lemkin tries to put her hair back from her face with a barrette but she jokingly brushes him off before going outside to wait. Then suddenly they hear Raven calling over the Ark-wide channel, asking for help from the ground. After everyone has left except her her and Kane she says that after the election "[Pike's] your problem.". Once Emerson wakes up, Kane begins to interrogate him but Emerson just repeats his name and rank. During a confrontation between Clarke, Simone and the Masons, Simone suddenly turns on the other Primes, claiming to have really been Abby pretending to be Simone all along. Kane tells her they do not have time because engineering needs six months to fix the oxygen problem when they will be out of oxygen in four months. While Clarke may not have completely forgiven Abby, their relationship is mostly healed. Lexa tells Clarke that Finn's body will be given to the people of Tondc since Clarke denied them their justice. Portrayed by Paige Turco, Abigail "Abby" Griffin (seasons 1–6; guest season 7) is Clarke's mother. Clarke reaches for the lever and Bellamy places his hand on top of hers, saying, "together," and they pull the lever. Abby is later overjoyed to learn that Clarke has survived. When they arrive at Tondc all the Sky People have to disarm before entering. In The 48, Abby is reunited with the other Ark citizens on the ground. Jaha thanks Tor for his sacrifice and Tor tells him do not thank him because he's doing it for his daughter.

Indra says that Finn must die for what he has done. Abby's relationship with Michael Vinson was ultimately an abusive one with Vinson developing an obsessive infatuation with her and becoming Abby's drug dealer to have leverage over her. Clarke truly believes she will never be able to forgive her mother for turning in her father. Jaha tries to take control of the situation and force everyone to evacuate but Abby stands her ground. While on Earth, Clarke learns the truth about her mother's involvement in her father's death in Earth Kills. Pike is there as well as he asks her when they plan on retaliating for the attack. In the dorm, Cage orders Raven to be removed from the table and has Abby put on instead. He tells her he has found the City of Light but she brushes him off. Kane approaches her and expresses his worries over Pike, Bellamy, and Octavia. Tor holds onto his daughter's barrette as Jacapo Sinclair reports to Jaha that all hatches and vents have been sealed in Section 17 and asks for the order. However, Murphy continues to suffer from guilt, blaming his actions for Abby's demise. The rest of them are free and they should run. Abby stares out a window into space as a guard opens her door and tells her it is time. In Wanheda (Part 2), Abby tends to Jasper's cut on his face that he got during his fight with Macallan. Cage tells him that it will never happen and they can't all survive as they begin drilling into Abby.

Kane apologizes to Abby about Clarke but she simply retorts back, "you got your extra air.". Once Finn surrenders himself to the Grounders, Abby, Clarke, Raven, Bellamy, and the rest of the Sky People watch as the Grounders start setting up for Finn's execution. As everyone is preparing to evacuate from Camp Jaha, Clarke arrives from the dropship and tells Abby that she knows how to stop the Grounder threat by showing them the Sky People can save the Reapers.

At the Camp on Earth, there is a sonic boom and Clarke and Bellamy look up to see the Exodus ship coming down a day early, much too fast, and without a parachute. In From the Ashes, Clarke nearly kills Russell after he returns Abby's belongings to her, something that Russell had intended. Abby tells him that it is happening too fast and they have other options and possibilities left to try first. Marcus Kane enters with Gustus behind him. In Hakeldama, she is seen next to Kane wondering how the Farm Station survivors murdered an army of 300 and left no wounded. In Resurrection, when Abby finds out that Clarke knew ahead of time about the bombing of Tondc, she is appalled that her daughter would do such a thing and begs her to not forget they are the good guys. Abby guides Clarke through removing the blade from Finn's side. Abby has brown hair and brown eyes. Death: November 17, 1660 (20) Sudbury, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States Immediate Family: Daughter of Hugh Griffin of Sudbury and Elizabeth Whale Sister of Sarah Griffin; Shemuel Griffin and Jonathan Griffin, Sr. Half sister of Hannah Wright. Jasper points out that her daughter killed him, too. Kane chooses to float himself, telling the devastated Abby that it is how they begin to do right again. On Earth, Marcus is the first person to follow Abby out of the Ark ship once it lands. Clarke gets Abby to leave with her while Kane and Indra realize Clarke and Lexa have gone missing. He asks Abby if she is ready to see her daughter again. In Join or Die, Abby approaches Jaha in Polis and tells him to leave Kane to her when he dragged off as a prisoner. Abby tells Kane that the Grounders are being led by a child and he responds, "so are we.". In The Other Side Abby learns that Kane has been locked outside of the bunker. Later, as the Grounders start chanting loudly, Jus drein jus daun! Raven leaves for the mess hall to speak with Nygel, the woman in charge of black market operations on board the Ark. Abby doesn't allow her or any other of the Delinquents to leave Camp Jaha to go find Finn and Murphy. Bellamy warns Clarke there is no going back if they do this. He finds Abby curled in a corner and tells her to wake up as she opens her eyes. Clarke says she needs to enter the City of Light. Jaha decides to try harder to convince Abby to take the chip but Abby claims that even if they torture her she will never do it.

Later, Abby and Jackson enter Section 17 where the 320 bodies are piled where they fell asleep. Just, the rubble shifts and debris comes crashing down around them. Suddenly, Acid Fog starts rolling towards them and Clarke and Finn hid in the bunker. Lexa tells her warriors that it is done and keeps them from attacking Clarke. Lexa starts to give a speech about making the Mountain fall and avenging the dead when Abby interrupts and tells them there are still others who need saving and to get back to work. She tells the rest of the clans she is initiating them into the Coalition and the leader of the Skaikru will bear the mark. Abby hears a noise in the rubble and tells everyone there are people still alive. Nyko and Indra return and take Raven away. Abby comforts him by telling him that the members of the 100 are no longer just kids and kisses him on the cheek in order to give him hope. Tensions escalate in Coup de Grâce when Clarke tells her mother that even though Abby is the Chancellor, Clarke is the one in charge. Later, Kane and Abby arrive to arrest Pike, Bellamy, and the surviving members of Farm Station who planned on massacring the army. Miller and Major Byrne to arrest Abby but they only listen when Abby tells them to put Jaha in the stockade.

She married Jake Griffin and gave birth to their daughter, Clarke. In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2), in Mount Weather, the residents have gathered on Level 5. Abby admits that "[She] can't do this again", in reference to her husband late Jake. Up in space in the remnants of the Ark, Jaha attempts to contact any surviving stations and is able to reach Abby on Mecha Station who was with Kane and Sinclair. Gustus fights the man and is about to kill him when Clarke begs Lexa to stop him so the Sky People won't get blamed. Sister of Sarah Griffin; Shemuel Griffin and Jonathan Griffin, Sr. In Resurrection, Abby and Nyko are racing around to the injured survivors in Tondc. Jaha yells at Abby that she has made an impossible situation worse. Abby and the Council disagreed because they feared it would only cause riots and mass panic. Later, Abby is checking Jaha's injuries and asks for his stance on Kane's Population Reduction Plan. Abby meets with Indra outside Camp Jaha and tells Indra she doesn't want to see any more people die. Later, at the alliance banquet, Kane presents Lexa with a bottle of homemade alcohol as a gift. In Fog of War, two days after Finn's massacre at Lincoln's village, Raven Reyes reveals to Clarke she figured out why they had not heard from any of the other Stations: Mount Weather has been jamming their signals.

When Clarke believes her mother to be dead in the Exodus ship crash, she is devastated. Jackson tells her they should have left her alone because they'll all be dead in two days anyway. During their interactions, Murphy and Abby are shown to be friends and allies. When Jake announced that he wanted to go public about the fact The Ark was dying, Abby tries to convince him not to because she knows he will be floated. Clarke tells Abby she needs to go back to Camp Jaha with the wounded but Clarke will be marching on Mount Weather because the sniper wasn't wearing a hazmat suit which means they are killing the Delinquents.

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