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Your first 8 draft picks should go as follows: RB, WR, RB, QB, TE, WR, RB, WR.

We have a numbers of keeper’s that cost us a draft pick so they are getting pre-loaded. Thanks again. August 12, 2011 at 8:14 am (link).

The NFL Talking Heads talk a lot about drafting value, drafting players with a good history of data so you know what to expect. Any idea how to fix it? Having the value total of the drafted players up top would make it easy to keep track of that.

Luke, are you going to put out the chart you have in the past breaking the players down per the draft rounds they should considered in? I’ve noticed that it is VERY difficult to lose a league in which your net draft value gain is over 200ADP. Thanks. Use your knowledge of draft trends to find value. Okay. Yup, I hope to do another update in the near future. Matt’s sheet helped me figure it out. You can choose Unlisted Player to keep your draft/auction moving as normal. Are you using Excel or another spreadsheet program? Thanks. I’ll give it a look and get it fixed for the next update. Now if we could just reconcile the two with the success of the upside down strategy…, Cheese says:

I just realized that Chris raised this same issue above on 2/21 and on 2/24 you said you’d take a look at it. I think this would be an awesome addition to the sheet. You have Ozzie Albie saying all under $14 not to mention NL only as well. When he's not doing fantasy baseball things, he can be found playing board games or rating beer. Not sure how the math works behind the scenes, so I wasn’t sure. August 10, 2011 at 1:57 pm (link). There isn’t an ability to add custom categories but if it is a stat that I can add in then I could give it a shot for the next update. At the end of the day, it is still giving you the value on the year for a player even if you aren’t getting their “weekly” value. August 13, 2011 at 3:04 pm (link). (1) I am in a H2H points auction league. In lieu of that, a sort option by Position Adjusted WERTH would be very helpful…in many ways the adjusted WERTH would be a functional approximation of an auction value ranking, right? I’ll look into that and see what’s going on and let you know.

@little big: Thanks! I like to use the positions tab to get an overview of what kind of value is left on the board. @Matt B: It’s not possible to apply value based drafting to auction drafts, since everyone has a shot at drafting any player. Thanks for letting me know! I have a bit of my own data in there but this spreadsheet mostly crowdsources the best baseball minds. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); It feels a bit wild to say this but, ladies and gentleman, this is the 10th anniversary of Mr. Cheatsheet. Love the sheet, and I am trying to transfer my information (save/load tab) from the first version (1.01) to the latest, but every time I try to copy and paste the saved data, I receive this error message: ALERT

How does the sheet pull ADP and Rankings from FantasyPros? It’s odd. Disclosures. There will be more work that YOU will have to put into it. One thing that is always reliable is getting a bargain. Since I’m horrible on Excel I’m assuming this is something I’m doing wrong. Basically, I had the wacky idea that other people might benefit from the work I was doing to win my own leagues. They’re called R players. FYI, this is fixed in the latest version (or should be!). I’m in a league with specific outfield positions and in a mock draft I took Cody Bellinger. Rather than drafting the best name available on the board, you should be drafting the positional player that will ultimately give you the best value at that point in your draft. You don’t need to unlock the spreadsheet to use it. Would love to be able to have the option to sort this page by Werth values. All of the seemingly crazy requests back then pushed me to get even more creative with my Excel skills and the spreadsheets have come a long way as a result of that. Thus, I’d like to define an R category also for the notes, so I know which players are already on someone’s roster.

35 QB’s, 65 RB’s, etc.). If I try and rename the Unlisted Player cell, I get the error message that the sheet is protected and i need a password to unlock. Based on your point projections, subtract QB ranked 4s projected points from QB ranked 1.

You can go to the Credits page to see when those pieces of data were pulled in.

I couldn’t change his position to CF and have it repopulate and I was wondering if I could do it some other way. with gates and Witten n Clark all kept already.

If you are in a keeper league, you can enter your keepers in and the cheatsheet will take those into account. It would make it alot easier if there were a way to see by position their WERTH rating on the position tab using imported ADP.

Fantasy Football starts with the draft... Join the thousands of customers each year that dominate their fantasy football leagues by using our draft day software. I am also trying to do something along these lines manually. I’m hitting SEND on my Venmo now! Hmm. We do Net Saves + Holds as a scoring category. Thanks, I’ll take a look at it. It doesn’t matter which rankings I use. Advantages of our Fantasy Football Draft Tool, the "Executive Draft Master": Player projections for every fantasy football player (courtesy of FFMastermind.com). how do I add the number of bench players in my league we are allowed?

I went back to being obsessive and a loser. Don’t think so, unless the method has changed? I think this should be addressed in the latest version I put out today but let me know if you still have issues. Whether you just want to use the platform your league is on or take the average projections off of Fantasy Pros, you need to agree with them. On the roto auction sheet, if Hide Drafted Players is selected, could it automatically hide columns A + B, also? What would the password be to unlock? Kind of a big deal as I assume a lot of folks sort by expert ranking and guys are missing right from the top Trout, Scherzer, Turner, Story and Stanton to name a few. That's because quality running backs are scarcer than quality quarterbacks. Couldnt you just assign the players already taking with 0 value, then add your league settings with inflation or without depending on what youre looking for on those values?

Feel free to change the … appears to include all players. But what I often preach is to zig before they zig. So if you have Foster ranked 1st in RB, determine the average points received by the top RB over the last 3 years and use that as your projected point total. I was working off the version I downloaded yesterday, 1.65. OK, go for it. Thank you very making this. Most leagues I am in, even if you had full knowledge after the thing was over, that would be impossible.

Information about your use of this site is shared with Google. Personally, this is the ONLY way to draft a Fantasy Football team in my opinion. I’ve got another suggestion, Luke. Clearly you’ve both hit on a very good draft strategy. Once you’ve done that, you can go ahead and see the point drop off between positions and go from there. Your next pick isn’t until pick 19 in round 2, so from picks 6-18, 13 players will be selected (including your pick). I calculated the net gain/loss to taking my first RB at pick 22, and it looks about the same. I just tried a mock draft (10 second clock, restarting with every bid) and I found I was spending too much time clicking “search for player”, then having time to think if I want to bid, then choosing the winning team and typing the winning bid while the next player’s bids are happening. Luke, I am having an issue on the “Your Roto Auction” sheet of v1.60 when I try to change “Show Stats” to “Show WERTH Values”. I guess I just dont understand why Ozzie Albies is rated so low. Unfortunately there’s not anything I can really do to troubleshoot that on my end. I’ll walk you through round 2 quickly to make sure you understand what’s going on. For example, getting Brees at pick 46 (his ADP is 34) would constitute a 12 point value versus draft cost gain. It’s only happening to certain players? I see that we can manually change a player but was looking to see if there was a way to put in GP minimums to create position eligibility. Bo Bichette and Kyle Tucker are other prospect players that I was trying to enter in as keepers and the sheet does not seem to be allowing me to enter them onto rosters like I can for most other players. If you have ideas for new features, post about those in the comments as well and I’ll see what I can do. Love the spreadsheets, thanks again! That’s a huge swing of 300 points. I can get around this by putting in ER and IP as half categories, but having IP minus ER would make things easier. John Barleycorn says: For example, our PPR/PPC league has 3WR slots and 2 RB slots. Would it be possible to add a column for SGP values, and a place to dump the denominators in the settings. By having the option to have SGP, this also prevents me from having to come up with more reasonable auction values by making a separate spreadsheet to calculate $ values and then paste them all in. Anyways, you’re now debating between taking a QB, RB, or WR as the top 5 RB are off the board. To run this program, you must have Microsoft Excel version 97 or higher (It will not work with Microsoft Works or other spreadsheet programs because it uses Visual Basic Macros only contained in Excel). 2. So you’re in the third round, and the next RB available will project to score 15 more points then the next ranked RB. Unlike snake drafts, you are not limited by your draft slot position. Just pull up an updated ADP list, cross off some guys you believe are busts and draft the most valuable player available every round of the draft (keeping an eye on positions of need obviously). Are you looking to contact Customer Support about a subscription or account related question? It’s worked for me for over a decade. The cheatsheet slotted him at 1B but based on how the draft when I would have him in CF. That being said, we’re in a golden age of projections and draft data. Everything else is working fine? Gotcha. Hey Luike, love thew sheets.

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