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The English form is derived from Old English cniht "knight". Arrived securely packaged without damage. We love this industry and we love exceeding our customers expectations. So little of that out, Eoin, I loved it, she loved it, the whole family loved it!!! However, they won me over!

Jermin, Jermyn, Jermyne. I will certainly be ordering again soon.

William and Margaret had 7 children; John, Henry, William, Samuel, George Young, Mary Ann and William (2nd son named that. in Wales, this is one of the tartans actually woven in Wales at the Cambrian Woollen Mill, weaving on the same site since 1830. Carew — from the Welsh placename. Will always use this company. Boulter- an English surname deriving from a word meaning "someone who makes bolts".

It frequently written as Sion or Shone since the letter "j" is absent from the Welsh alphabet. Warlow — derived from Middle English warloc "warlock, wizard". The framed family coat of Arms was everything we wanted!

Salmon — derived from the personal name Solomon in the post-Reformaion era. Perkins — from the personal names Piers and Peter.

The noun of this verb is Gwllym (pronounced William) and would therefore mean-a watcher, a sentinel, a guard, a warder,' a patrol, etc.

They had three sons. I am proud to be Irish American (although you wouldn’t guess from my name). Williams is a common patronymic (descended from the father's lineage) surname with several possible origins, however, in Wales, adding an "s" to the end of a surname denotes "son of," pointing to Wales as the country of origin.

Nevett — derived from Welsh personal name Ednyfed. Clock/Plaque arrived lunchtime to-day, brilliant service. Bolt, Bolter. John Williams born about 1620 in Glamorganshire Wales. Elias — a biblical name that came to Wales as a surname post-Reformation. Everything looks perfect. They arrived extremely quickly and are just beautiful. It's beautiful, thank you so much. Kendrick — from the popular medieval Welsh personal name Cynwrig. Amazing Artwork He can be identified with the earlier Welsh hero Gwalchmei, and it is likely that the name derives from GWALCHMEI. Haward, Herward. This one of the most amazing items that I have bought in a long time. Thanks again , Fantastic Site and products Dawkins — derived from Dafydd or David.

I bought two Double Family Coat of Arms Prints. Beynon — derived from Welsh name ab Eynon, which comes from einion "anvil". I ordered the framed ceramic family crest artwork, and so glad I did, Eoin in Customer Service provided valuable help to aid me in the best choices.

c/o J & H Mitchell, 51 Atholl Road, Pitlochry, PH16 5BU. Allen — an English surname brought by Norman invaders, and comes from the forename Alan. The workmanship in this piece is so unbelievable. Watts — dim. Hope I will do business with you, That's perfect. Williams — from the German name Wilhelm, a combination of the words "will and "helmet," brought by the Normans. Dear Eoin; Double Family Crest Anniversary Gift arrived in Rincon, Georgia on Friday, 19/01/2018. Gadarn — from the forest deity Hu Gadarn (similar to the Celtic god Cernunnos), who was worshipped by the Welsh druids.

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