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Federal law requires the Census Bureau to deliver finalized census data to the president by the end of the year. Help. South Dakota Gov. The House voted 406-3 to declare that any goods produced in the vast Xinjiang region of northwestern China are presumptively made with the forced labor of detained Uighurs and other ethnic minorities, and therefore banned from being imported to the U.S. In addition to curtailing counting, the Census Bureau is also planning to shorten by several months a critical period after counting ends that it uses to process and verify data. Cutting the operation short, experts warned, would probably lead to a severe undercount of harder to count populations such as immigrant communities and the poor. Stay Connected. News & Events. The Census Bureau faces a Dec. 31 deadline to be able to report how many congressional seats each state will be allotted so that states can begin their redistricting. Kristi Noem sent words of encouragement to discouraged police officers in Seattle and encouraged officers quitting the force to apply for work in her state.

In three days before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Judge Amy Coney Barrett did more than just prove that she belongs on the Supreme Court. This week’s ruling will give the Census Bureau more time to try to count every American, said Thomas Wolf, an attorney at the Brennan Center for Justice who helped represent some of the plaintiffs, said in a statement. Ren Zhiqiang, who became known for speaking up about censorship and other sensitive topics, disappeared from public view in March after publishing an essay online that accused Xi of mishandling the outbreak that began in December in the central city of Wuhan. Local workers have since told NPR it will be nearly impossible to get a good count by the end of September. The Census Bureau had been pressuring Congress to extend the deadline that sits on the final day of the year for reporting census data because of … She pointed repeatedly to a sworn court statement from Albert Fontenot Jr, a top career Census Bureau official, who noted that the agency would begin terminating workers as it got closer to completing counting and it would be harder to rehire staff if the court acted later.

Confidential Census Bureau slides from August warned that speeding up that process would reduce the accuracy of the data. Her order, she wrote, would only require the bureau to plan for the extension it had proposed in April.

Attorneys for civil rights groups and a few municipal governments argued that it would not be possible for the Census Bureau to get an accurate count of citizens if data collection stops in September. Noem encourages Seattle police officers quitting the force to apply in South Dakota, ABC, CNN ignore Hunter Biden email story, other networks less than 10 minutes combined, Brown University researcher: Trump signs, US flags 'scare' and 'traumatize' black people, New Zealand prime minister wins second term in landslide, Kimberly Klacik raises $6.4M following viral campaign ad shared by Trump, Joe Biden rebukes reporter in first public response to, Trump's former chief of staff calls him 'the most flawed person I have ever met': Report, Biden opens massive advertising advantage over Trump, Newsom uses executive orders to press climate change agenda as California burns, Joe Kennedy campaign self-reports improperly using $1.5M in election funds. Ron Johnson says FBI needs to provide answers on Hunter Biden laptop saga, 'No choice for him': Thousands join Women's March in DC protest against Trump and Amy Coney Barrett, John James responds after Biden calls him a 'disaster': 'I am a disaster for national Democrats’ narrative', Giuliani says he's been laughing his head off over Hunter Biden scandal, 'We stand WITH you': Gov. Attorneys for the Commerce Department, which oversees the Census Bureau, have already announced plans to appeal Koh's ruling, though she does not seem to care.

Koh agreed and extended the deadline through the end of October. ... 2020 Census Jobs. ORLANDO, Fla. – With the number of U.S. households counted topping 95%, there is no reason for a judge to order the U.S. Census Bureau to extend by a … The Trump administration indicated in its filing it intends to appeal against the court order. In her ruling, US district judge Lucy Koh noted that the potential harm from an inaccurate count could not be remedied for at least a decade. Ron DeSantis won a court victory to keep felons from voting until they've paid off fines, restitution and court fees, billionaire Mike Bloomberg has stepped in to help them pay off the debts. Former White House chief of staff John Kelly allegedly issued a strong rebuke of President Trump's character.

“The 2020 Census needs more time than the Trump administration is offering if we are going to get the full, fair, and accurate count that the constitution guarantees,” Wolf said. She delivered one of the most effective performances ever for a nominee seeking the job. “Plaintiffs' claims of harm in this matter are rapidly evaporating,” the government attorneys said in court papers ahead of a virtual court hearing in San Jose, California, over whether the 2020 census should stop Sept. 30 or continue through Oct. 31. In April, the Trump administration sought to extend counting in the census until the end of October and a four-month extension on the final deadlines because of the Covid-19 pandemic. “Because the decennial census is at issue here, an inaccurate count would not be remedied for another decade, which would affect the distribution of federal and state funding, the deployment of services, and the allocation of local resources for a decade,” she wrote.

The package, postmarked from Canada, included a letter in which she referred to Trump as “The Ugly Tyrant Clown” and directed him to “give up and remove your application for this election,” according to an FBI affidavit filed in the case. Supreme Court Asked To Block Order Extending Census After a lower court ordered the Trump administration to continue counting for the 2020 census … Just days after Florida Gov. Operational Adjustments Due to COVID-19.

A federal judge added one month to the deadline for filing census documents. Major television networks largely ignored a bombshell report about former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s overseas business dealings.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden did not seem to appreciate being asked about the recent allegations regarding his son Hunter's work overseas and if his vice presidency played a role in it. After the supreme court blocked the Trump administration in 2019 from adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census, Trump ordered the bureau in July to take an unprecedented step and produce redistricting data that excluded undocumented immigrants. President Trump is waging a battle against the coronavirus to recapture one of his most important demographics: the voters aged 65 and over who came out for him in droves in 2016 but have since soured on him due to the pandemic.
On Friday, federal officials appealed the ruling. Gavin Newsom is putting his state on a much more aggressive path to slash emissions.

After the United State Census was sent to end Oct. 30 after an extension from Sept. 30, a U.S. Supreme Court ruling ordered the Census to end Thursday, Oct. … The case could have broad implications for the November elections. U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh, an Obama appointee serving the Northern District of California, ruled that the U.S. Census Bureau cannot halt the collection of census data at the end of the month despite the bureau's claims that it needed to stop collecting by the last day of September to be able to finish the count by Dec. 31. Nearly four years after thousands of people descended upon the streets of Washington, D.C., the day after President Trump’s inauguration, they took to the streets again on Saturday in an attempt to stop him from being reelected to the White House. Koh told the bureau to halt its plans to end counting on 30 September until at least the next hearing on 17 September. A researcher at Brown University went viral on social media after suggesting that black AirBnB guests could be traumatized by pro-Trump signs. Republican Senate candidate John James slammed Joe Biden after the Democratic presidential candidate referred to him as a “disaster.”. A top Senate Republican who has been investigating issues related to the foreign business dealings of former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, is pressing FBI Director Christopher Wray for details related to emails purportedly from the younger Biden’s laptop and whether the bureau is investigating the saga after the FBI has declined to provide answers. The ruling, formally called a temporary restraining order, is the latest development in a years-long high-stakes battle over the 2020 census.

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