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It ran in four parts (October 1956 through January 1957) and the book was published later in 1957. The posthumously published Tender Loving Rage (1991), written more than 20 years earlier, is a mainstream novel set in 1959, and appropriately features a scientist adopted by the New York advertising/tv people.

The first volume of a Graphic-Novel version by Howard V Chaykin (adaptation by Byron Preiss), was The Stars My Destination: The Graphic Story Adaptation: Volume One (graph 1979); the second volume, though widely bruited, was not in fact published until it appeared, with the first, in The Stars My Destination: The Graphic Story Adaptation (graph 1992). When he died six years later, after a long period of ill health, he willed his house and literary estate to his bartender. When issued, it was credited as a collaborative work.

Alfred Bester was born in Manhattan, New York City, on December 18, 1913. Structurally they are the sf equivalent of the Jacobean revenge drama: both feature malcontent figures, outsiders from society bitterly cognizant of its corruption, but themselves partly ruined by it, just as in The Revenger's Tragedy or The Duchess of Malfi; like them, too, Bester's novels blaze with a sardonic imagery, mingling symbols of decay and new life – rebirth is a recurrent theme of Bester's – with a creative profligacy; they were cited by Brian W Aldiss as major examples of the subgenre he termed Widescreen Baroque. Tiger!). The Stars My Destination (also known as Tiger! He played on the football team in 1935 and, by his own account, was "the most successful member of the fencing team." Bester's eyesight began failing in the mid-1970s, making writing increasingly difficult, and another layoff from published writing took place between early 1975 and early 1979. Alfred Bester ( 1913 - 1987 ) With two novels and a handful of short stories, most of them written in a short burst in the 1950s, Alfred Bester opened out the possibilities of the sf field both as vehicle for story-telling and as a way of looking darkly at the world and human psychology. In addition to his failing eyesight, other health issues began to affect him, and Bester produced no new published work after 1981. It is alleged during this period that the producer of the 1978 Superman movie sent his son off to search for a writer.

The next book, Golem100 (1980), was more ambitious, had a more authentic Bester flavour, and was perhaps surprisingly regarded by Bester as his best novel. Bester says that he replied (in jest), "You sonofabitch.

His later story "Hobson's Choice" was based on it. In 1985, it was announced that Bester would be a Guest of Honor at the 1987 Worldcon, to be held in Brighton, England. After four years in the comics industry, in 1946 Bester turned his attention to radio scripts, after wife Rolly (a busy radio actress) told him that the show Nick Carter, Master Detective was looking for story submissions.

Upon crash landing he sees that he is the last person alive, "Adam and No Eve". "The Four-Hour Fugue" (June 1974 Analog) shows the old extraordinary assurance and inventiveness, and just a trace of over-facility. However, Bester gained his greatest renown for the work he wrote and published in the 1950s, including The Demolished Man and The Stars My Destination (also known as Tiger! Star Light, Star Bright: The Great Short Fiction of Alfred Bester.

He arrived attired in well-worn high-top sneakers, jeans whose major characteristic was that they looked comfortable, and a sports coat whose better days had been years before. He sat down behind a long table with the other writers and managed to behave conventionally for about half the discussion. It expands "The Four-Hour Fugue" into an extraordinary but overheated tale of the jungle of New York in 2175 CE, with diabolism, depth psychology (a Monster from the Id), bee superwomen, pheromones, perverse sex, and overall a miasma of death.

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