all god's children need traveling shoes book review

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CURRENT EVENTS & SOCIAL ISSUES illustrated by A fantastic storyteller. In this autobiographical book, set in the early 1960s, Maya Angelou is stranded in Ghana after her son has an accident. Maya Angelou is known for her series of six autobiographies, starting with I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, (1969) which was. This is def my favorite. Maya Angelou is amazing. The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned. All God’s Children Need Traveling Shoes belongs to a series of autobiographical narratives tracing Maya Angelou ’s personal search for identity as an African American woman. Categories:

Her piercing insights into herself are always enlightening and every one of her autobiographies have been awesome. She explains, for example, “when somebody asks you to ‘check your privilege’ they are asking you to pause and consider how the advantages you’ve had in life are contributing to your opinions and actions, and how the lack of disadvantages in certain areas is keeping you from fully understanding the struggles others are facing.” She unpacks the complicated term “intersectionality”: the idea that social justice must consider “a myriad of identities—our gender, class, race, sexuality, and so much more—that inform our experiences in life.” She asks whites to realize that when people of color talk about systemic racism, “they are opening up all of that pain and fear and anger to you” and are asking that they be heard. She talks about the hardships of Blacks returning to Africa in a search of their roots, only to discover that those have been severed and forgotten over time. To get close to her motherland, the great mysterious continent of her ancestors, Angelou learns to speak Fanti, dresses Ghanian style and gradually makes African friends. She expresses both loathing and yearning for America, and I am torn between understanding and disappointment at her negativity towards the nation that fought the civil war and still strives to overcome 400 years of slavery.

The author then reframes those received ideas with inexorable logic: “Either racist policy or Black inferiority explains why White people are wealthier, healthier, and more powerful than Black people today.” If Kendi is justifiably hard on America, he’s just as hard on himself. It's honest, it's light-hearted, it's contemplative and still it manages to reflect on one person's struggle with history and it's cruelties. When I went dancing, between the beats and during the steps, I thought, ‘Here I am, Maya Angelou, dancing in Africa. ‧ Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi | African Book Addict! Her son grows up and prepares to lead an independent life.

I need to pull out all of her books so that I see them first whenever I look for my next read.

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