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After Rajinikanth jokes, it’s time for the “Sanskari babu ji” to take the hot seat. Alok Nath is a typical Indian Sanskari Baap who is worried about his (in his case nation's) Daughter's Marriage and has frequent heart attacks. My son told me that it was nothing serious and jokes based on me were getting popular. Alok Nath jokes. I am taking the entire thing positively and am enjoying the attention.”, Alok Nath has zero friends because he always turns Dosti into Rishterdaari. Alok Nath was the first person to call Parle as ParleG ! Even ‘non-living’ machines can’t help but pay the ‘Universal babu ji’ some respect. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. Aloknath holds a world record of having the maximum heart-attacks in one lifetime.

Ranking #28,763. This particular trait has been the butt of jokes for Alok Nath meme. to view the image gallery, The Curious Case of Alok Nath - Why did Alok Nath Trend on Twitter, a case-study to analyse the content which led to the interest in Nath, became popular on 4 January 2014.

to help maintain this entry. Alok Nath is so sanskari that when he heard the song “Gandi Baat”, he put gangajal in his ears.

In this series we are going to present here “Top 10 Alok Nath Funny Memes”: Alok Nath only eat roti which is made by “Aashirwad Atta”, Alok Nath is so sanskari that his favorite song is “4 baj gaye lekin aarti abhi baaki hai”, Alok Nath sends samdhan requests instead of friend requests, When I click Selfies, I make sure it includes 52 family members, 3 servants, kishan ji ki murti and 2 dogs. ", Now In Its Fourth Season, Has Somehow Gotten All Its Viewers Into Volleyball, Unable To Attend Class Physically, TikTokers Are Romanticizing The School Experience With The Dark Academia Aesthetic, After Taking Over Indonesia, IndiHome Paket Phoenix Memes Go Mainstream In The West, TikTok Is Celebrating Christmas Early With A Very Spicy Grinch, New York Post's Hunter Biden Hard Drive Leak, Amy Coney Barrett's White House Rose Garden Nomination Ceremony, Science Diagrams That Look Like Shitposts, Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism. 2. Copyright © 2020. Added On 30 December 2013, jokes and memes based on characters played by Alok Nath started trending on social media and spread quickly. At Kirtan

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