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Will it be more restricted? The political left has been quick to point out these facts whenever Donald Trump issues executive orders, yet they are also quick to defend those orders issued by states and cities to enforce unconstitutional and illegal lockdowns. If I’m not wearing a mask and you don’t like it, then don’t come near me; it’s very easy. The goal is to encourage self censorship and to manipulate citizens to avoid public assembly without coming out openly and saying “We are banning public assembly”. Get yours today! How does one deal with a bunch of crooks like this? If a business wants to require masks before entering, then that is also their right as property owners. Issue #40 Of The Wild Bunch Dispatch Has Been Released! It’s a most pertinent example of your call to action. Silver Update – Silver Eagles And America The Beautiful, Jim Jordan Writes A Pretty Letter to FaKeBook, $5,000+ Gold As Fed Shovels Endless Fiat Into System: Dan Wilton, Silver: US Mint Pricing Confusion Plus Harris / Biden Campaign Implosion And Cashless Society, This Is How You Push The World To A Cashless Society. It reveals how physical precious metals can protect your savings, and how to open a Gold IRA. People speaking out against the lockdowns online are being arrested for “incitement”. There is only one solution – Decouple from the corrupt system, and if they try to stop you (which they will), take them down. In general there is a lot of disinformation about what is legal or not and many of us who do not speak legalese get caught up in only part of the story. L’objectif était de protester contre l’incursion d’agents du gouvernement fédéral sur la propriété de la famille Bundy, qui avait défié les pressions du Bureau of Land Management (BLM) pour qu’ils cessent d’autoriser leur bétail à se nourrir sur des « terres fédérales » dans une forme de libre parcours. Un groupe de citoyens francophones qui désire faire partager au public francophone des analyses venues du monde entier et exprimées dans d'autres langues. Most patriot groups if not all are “coffee drinking clubs” there are somenear me who meet at coffee shops. In the end, whether you respect the Bill of Rights or not, laws are meaningless unless they are backed by principles. If you don’t stand in opposition to these actions now, they will only grow over time until a majority of people become conditioned to accept them. Hollywood Is Dying, And The Elites Don’t Care…. Why is no one talking about the fact that open air and UV rays from sunlight KILL microorganisms? Don’t get me wrong, if a person WANTS to wear a mask, or take other precautions no matter how dubious, then I have nothing bad to say about them. The purpose was to protest... Why Doesn’t Giuliani Make A Citizen Arrest? What I see is an incremental form of totalitarianism, and it simply cannot be tolerated. The fact that numerous states and counties across the US have had infection spikes even with strict mask mandates suggests to me that the masks are pointless. You can simply not give them your money. However, many are also waking up, thanks to work like this article. The don’t care if their families are broken up or they never see them again. simply for their convenience.

Protests are taking place, but without a means of self defense the citizenry is at the mercy of government and law enforcement. And if this is the case, then this only confirms that such restrictions are not about saving lives; they are about control.

Here is the bottom line: No government, whether it be federal, state or local, has the power to violate your constitutional rights. Brandon Smith - Founder of Speaking in Orange County, CA at the Oath Keepers of Orange County, CA Fundraiser for Oath Keepers Billboard Campaign called: A Night of …

Isn’t this the exact opposite of what they have been preaching? They are merely conditioning for accepting a vaccine, and if they are not fought now, will be very hard to rid ourselves of in the future. Tyrants do not respect laws, they exploit laws. The only thing that perpetuates this mass manipulation of the public is people’s fear of death. Idaho has had a total of 500 deaths from Covid since the beginning of the outbreak. But it is not anyone’s right to attempt to force others to comply with their baseless rules just so they can personally feel safer. They ignore laws that are inconvenient to them and make laws that are convenient to them.

Most businesses will give out a mask and mandate it in their business. What in itself would actually be traded (Silver / NewCoin?)? Continuer la lecture de La chute du dollar va bientôt catapulter les métaux précieux vers des sommets, … et des gauchistes ont essayé d’intervenir, Par Brandon Smith − Le 5 août 2020 − Source Some have sign on door: no mask no service.
Le Saker Russe It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. That would be a waste of time. Continuer la lecture de Élection 2020 : Le pire scénario est le plus probable, Tout le contenu original est publié sous licence de Saker Analytics, LLC licence Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 4.0 internationale ( Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. You may be aware but didn’t mention that several hundred of us went to Moscow in the days following the arrests to protest and defy the orders and to encourage the residents of Moscow to do the same.
Learn how with a free info kit on gold from Birch Gold Group. Nous avons fait cela dans l’attente de quelque chose de bien plus qu’un simple événement allégorique ; certains d’entre nous ont prédit une crise économique comme on n’en a pas vu depuis près d’un siècle. The chance of contracting the coronavirus outdoors is next to zero, yet mask rules are being strictly instituted from Melbourne, Australia to New York, New York to Moscow, Idaho. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. L’élection semble être dans l’esprit de la majorité des gens encore plus que la pandémie de coronavirus. Therefore, any assertion that states can force health measures is in contradiction to previous Supreme Court rulings; in other words, they are merely violating the constitution when it suits them to do so. You’re wrong, Brandon. Why is this option not being presented? I think you’ll find that people in Australia are compliant because the media speaks with one uniform voice and most people are not aware of anything they’re not told by the media, much like in the US. Continuer la lecture de J’ai créé un club local de préparation aux armes à feu …, Par Brandon Smith − Le 29 juillet 2020 − Source Next Issue Of The Wild Bunch Dispatch: What Will Happen After The 2020 Election? Another terrifying development during the pandemic is the use of executive orders and executive authority to initiate restrictions without public oversight. They are far more important than the lives of the select few people who are susceptible to the virus. That is their decision. Just a quick search pulls up the following from a legal site: Under the U.S. Constitution’s 10th Amendment and U.S. Supreme Court decisions over nearly 200 years, state governments have the primary authority to control the spread of dangerous diseases within their jurisdictions. Take note of how many instances we have seen so far of Mask Nazis physically attacking people not wearing masks. I mean, seriously, as corrupt as the govt is will they actually put themselves in a position to deliberately do something that seems so easy for many to say “busted!”. Il est évident que ce ne fut pas le cas.

You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. National emergencies do no supplant the constitution, regardless of what statists might claim. If anyone thinks that this nonsense will be going away anytime soon they are living in a fantasy world. Durant l’été 2016, j’ai prédit avec précision que Donald Trump entrerait à la Maison Blanche et j’ai rencontré une opposition sans fin à cette idée. Input your search keywords and press Enter.

All posts. I believe the establishment of medical tyranny is moving so quickly in Australia because the vast majority of the population has been disarmed and they have limited means to fight back. Even the CDC questions the effectiveness of cloth masks and recommends N95 masks for healthcare workers until there is some evidence that cloth masks function. Le seul objectif de la Fed est d’accroître la douleur à long terme ; elle n’a aucune intention d’empêcher une catastrophe. Je vis dans les montagnes, à l’extérieur d’une petite ville de la campagne du Montana, un endroit que l’on pourrait qualifier de conservateur par excellence, et c’est assez largement le cas. No governor, mayor, city council or president has the authority to assert new laws without oversight like a dictator. I for one believe this is how people are voluntarily walking into their own 5G prisons and closing the door behind them smiling the whole time believing they are free. There’s a big difference. Also take note that Mask Nazis tend to be avid supporters of BLM and Antifa mobs that ignore pandemic restrictions. These cookies do not store any personal information. Issue #40 Of The Wild Bunch Dispatch Has Been Released! The 10th Amendment, which gives states all powers not specifically given to the federal government, allows them the authority to take public health emergency actions, such as setting quarantines and business restrictions. Nous sommes tous des Gilets Jaunes... canal historique, Les articles du jour le soir dans un seul mail. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. If the government wants to crack down violently on anti-lockdown groups, there will be little the public can do to stop them. Trump didn’t reorg. I bring up this specific instance of coronavirus enforcement because the circumstances surrounded it are disturbing…. Government representatives that abuse their positions to assert powers that are not granted them by the constitution should be unseated. Thanks, truly appreciate your thoughts on this. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If your mask is useless unless I also wear a mask, then the masks we are wearing are not offering much protection and their enforcement should be questioned. Is it not a matter of the “greater good” that we end the restrictions rather than increase them? Good article as usual. Depuis le 11 septembre 2001, le monde occidental a fait des pas en avant vers ce que de nombreux défenseurs des libertés appellent un « État policier », un système dans lequel les gouvernements ne sont plus limités par les frontières des libertés civiles et ont le pouvoir de faire à peu près tout ce qu’ils veulent au nom de la sécurité publique. Rendre accessible la pensée dissidente où qu'elle se trouve. One question Brandon, related to all this long-term planned destruction of so much and a topic I have not seen anyone even truly mention and go into: In your opinion, what do you feel will happen to financial markets and the whole business of trading markets like forex, stocks, commodities? Posts navigation. In most cases they do not legally apply to the citizenry, only to government employees. Ne pas risquer de tomber malencontreusement sous le coup de la loi ou des lois à venir. Oh, just wear the mask and go about your business and no one will bother you. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Depuis que les mesures de confinement de la pandémie ont été mises en place aux États-Unis, je me suis davantage préoccupé de la réaction du gouvernement et de la banque centrale que du virus lui-même.

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