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Chris, who works from a studio next to his country home in Berkshire, talks bout the highs and lows of his life. “This arm is a bit... not as good as it used to be.

For details, visit It's the car I had a poster of on my wall when I was a kid.". He had also attended a Supreme Court nomination ceremony for Judge Amy Coney Barrett on September 26, now believed to have been, Before his positive diagnosis on October 3, Christie had said on, Christie's discharge from the hospital came hours ahead of. They had to take my pancreas away, my duodenum, and it’s damaged for ever. "It was always about me, me, me - as with many performers. "I've also got to know people in the village. Chris Rea – ERA 1 (As, Bs & Rarities 1978 – 1984), out on 20th November.

We massively appreciate everyone's patience who attended the Chris Rea performance this evening. VideoQueues in China for experimental Covid-19 vaccine. There's also his health. "I've always had a difficult relationship with fame, even before my first illness. He hopes to have a Ferrari 156 restored later this year, which has been a 22-year labour of love tracking down all the parts. Video, Parkour group celebrates a decade of success. You should not rely on this information to make (or refrain from making) any decisions. "Our daughters? Rather than missing home when I'm on tour, I miss tour when I'm at home. To be Irish Italian in a coffee bar in Middlesborough – I started my life as an outsider. But dads who buy CDs to play in the car can keep artists going for an entire career. It is almost a year to the day since Chris suffered a stroke while he was enjoying a few pints in the pub.

There had been beat groups in the area, lots of them, but they'd gone when I started playing. VideoParkour group celebrates a decade of success, Guinea elections: Campaigning during Covid-19.

"On the Beach" is a song by British singer-songwriter Chris Rea that was released in 1986 as the second single from his eighth studio album, On the Beach.

"Josie's paintings are unbelievably good - I think she gets that from Joan, who was a really good artist in arts and crafts - and she does some fabulous work. “I felt like maybe I’d had a bit too much to drink. Ironically, Fool If You Think It's Over was nominated for a Grammy that year, and lost out to Billy Joel's Just The Way You Are. See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, In the early years of his career, he sold over thirty million albums worldwide.

A concert due to take place in Brighton on Sunday has now been cancelled. Everything was going well in life. I close my eyes and imagine, so never forget.

“I’m terribly emotional about the things that go wrong with my body. Get your first 3 months of Saga Magazine for just £3 and enjoy access to Saga's membership programme, Possibilities.

Rea, who is known for his hits "Driving Home for Christmas" and "Road to Hell", is on tour to promote his new album. I began to feel tired. This is the Official Facebook page for Chris Rea and is run by the Chris Rea team. "But we have a very long relationship because of such understanding. "Once they've taken your pancreas away, the rest of your life is dealing with not having a pancreas, which is pretty awful sometimes, but I'm still here," he says. None of my heroes were rock stars. These two fingers are giving me grief still because I’m a guitarist,” says Chris, holding out his left hand to show me. I remember a surgeon, after one operation, pointing to another patient who was smoking and reading the racing paper. I was so scared,” says Chris, who has been with wife, Joan, since they met at 16 in their native Middlesbrough.

I heard his voice and this weird sound coming from his guitar.". Posts from Chris himself are signed – CR The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Video, Guinea elections: Campaigning during Covid-19, Amina is a 'symbol of resilience for Afghanistan' Video, Amina is a 'symbol of resilience for Afghanistan', Portugal's radical decision to decriminalise all drugs. We are lucky to still have that feeling. “Being together is more important than anything we argue about. "On the Beach" reached No. "I gave up, years ago, trying to predict hits. and when I was younger I even had their posters up in my bedroom. Think about how much the likes of Mark Knopfler or Eric Clapton had done before I even started? It doesn’t bother me now, it’s just what I am. Chris Christie said he was released from the hospital Saturday morning following treatment for the coronavirus. Rea created a stir on Friday when rumors have surfaced that his career was over. "It's extremely rare, this shark-nosed racing car," he says proudly. He says: "My favourite Christmas song is by Steve Earle and it's called Nothing But A Child. Joan calls me Papa - I call her Mama - and that's what the girls call us, too. She says: "I love the Britney Spears Christmas song, My Only Wish (This Year). Find concert tickets for Chris Rea upcoming 2020 shows. "In the past, all the girls have thought I needed moral support in places like Paris - not Glasgow! He quit because of Barr, Senate race tightening in battleground Michigan, Mayra Joli identified as 'nodding woman' at Trump town hall. And especially since I lost my pancreas. Sad news for Rea fans. The material is for general information only and does not constitute investment, tax, legal, medical or other form of advice. "Fool If You Think It's Over is still the only song I've ever not played guitar on, but it just so happened to be my first single, and it just so happened to be a massive hit.

The past 20 years have been a living nightmare for the 66-year-old blues-rocker, dogged by peritonitis, pancreatic cancer and diabetes. Sad news for Rea fans. Am I a drug addict?”. But I don’t even think about that.”, The new album Road Songs For Lovers is released on Friday on BMG. It’s not so bad now, you didn’t notice did you?’, “The first time I came into the record company a couple of weeks ago, I was really getting anxious because I was wondering if anyone noticed, I wondered if they’d think there was something wrong with me. I suppose what he meant is that I could afford to be sitting at home, without working. It has meant his lifestyle has changed, however, with a fat-free diet now essential, along with a rigorous workout regime. It wasn’t easy', Jodie Kidd speaks about sister-in-law's pancreatic cancer. Sections, Let's rock: Rea is untroubled by snipers who say his audience is dads in cars and is planning to play all his old hits at his Waterfront Hall concert.

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You have to then just get on with it. 57 in the United Kingdom … Chris Rea - ERA 1 (As, Bs and Rarities 1978 – 1984) Rea, now 63, says the more recent forays into swampy blues have attracted a younger crowd and injected new life into his career. Chris Christie released from hospital after Covid-19 treatment, Trump insults Savannah Guthrie day after town hall, See the difference between Ivanka and Donald Trump's rallies, Trump's former chief of staff unleashes on the President, GOP senator deliberately mispronounces Harris' name at Trump rally, See what these Trump supporters say about QAnon, Ice Cube responds to backlash over Trump collaboration, Giuliani's daughter breaks with dad to vote for Biden, He served at DOJ under 6 presidents. The time you know you’ve been lucky in that side of your life, despite everything else, is when you go away together without the girls and you get on like a house on fire. We asked a few local celebrities to share their favourites with us as well: Claire McCollum (39) is a TV and radio presenter, she says: "For me Last Christmas, by Wham!, is a timeless classic. 291K likes. My career is like a mountain range - up and down, without time for the occasional plateau. "We do stuff like that to keep it interesting, for us as well as the audience. It’s always been that way and we like it that way. "It drives me round the bend. We've just got a new version of On The Beach sorted, which is half reggae.

"I was a pain in the backside," he recalls. It affected his left side, including his arm, hand and leg and his sense of balance. They say: 'We just want to throw up!' English promoters think if you're not 16-years-old, you want to sit down and not move.

When we meet at the London offices of his record company, Chris is warm, welcoming and searingly honest about the health struggles, which he admits have left him often feeling depressed and sad. But I was surrounded by pop stars. Then there are the large mugs of fresh coffee, BBC breakfast news or Sky and we gaze out of the window over the countryside for an hour and we are still 16. This one’s a funny one, I feel as if someone’s put a tight elastic band around my ankle. But I don't want to fall in to the trap of thinking that it proves anything. ', "I've also learned not to ask too many questions. “I’d rather give up than do that.”. I'm a huge fan of Steve and I listen to a lot of his music. Hear Chris Christie's message about wearing masks, What you missed from the night without a presidential debate, WaPo: WH was warned Giuliani was target of Russian misinformation, Brianna Keilar rolls the tape on Trump's debate excuses. "Touring is easy. And Rea - who is a father himself to two daughters, Josephine (31) and Julia Christina (25), with his wife Joan - really doesn't sound like he could care less whether you think he's cool or not. For a little while on Friday evening, #ThankYouChris was a trending hashtag on Twitter. It made it to the UK Top 10. I now listen to Radio 4 programmes and think: 'I get there, when I get there. Fans posted on Twitter that they saw the 66-year-old "fall backwards" mid-song at the New Theatre Oxford. "I heard him on Saturday afternoon radio.

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