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When he used to arrive at the gig early he’d say, ‘I’m just gonna sort out the guest list.’ He’d see a 100 people in sleeping bags that’d been queueing all night and he’d say: ‘There’s the guest list, you gotta look after the fans.’”. Dave McLean, legendary rock promoter.
“It came to the band turning up,” he says. “The promoter said, ‘How do I know Oasis will go on stage?’ I said, ‘Because Oasis are a real band’. The first time I’d met Bowie, he’d been performing on Later … with Jools Holland opposite Oasis in 1995. He hoarded that night so that one day it could be shown in all its glory as his legacy, the culmination of his golden years and surely his greatest concert since he buried Ziggy Stardust at Hammersmith in July 1973. À cette question, c’estWonderwall d’Oasis, aussi désignée comme meilleure chanson anglaise de tous les temps, qui récoltent le plus de voix. “A couple of years later, he had his 50th birthday party at Madison Square Garden and he invited Placebo. Une autre chanson des frères Gallagher apparaît également dans le top, mais aussi Blur, David Bowie ou encore The Beatles bien sûr. Meanwhile, Bowie was notably skittish when he chatted at the piano with Jools, as if in horror of being pinned down. The bill was David Bowie, ‘special guest: Placebo’, then under that it was something like Foo Fighters, Lou Reed, Pixies and Smashing Pumpkins or something. We’d just signed to Hut Recordings, I don’t even think we had a record out then but John Giddings, the agent for David Bowie, said, ‘Why don’t you give this young band a crack?’ Bowie listened to the tape which had ‘Nancy Boy’, ’36 Degrees’, ‘Teenage Angst’ and ‘Bruise Pristine’ on it – six really good tracks. “People always say Dave Grohl, nicest guy in rock, which he is, but only equal and surpassed at times by Krist and Kurt,” he says.

This was the BBC’s fourth year of filming the festival and I was – as I remain – the overall producer of the coverage. We’d had the Chemical Brothers on Friday and Travis on Saturday, but the whole narrative of the festival was built around Bowie. You’d go on the bus and it’d be ‘Dancing queen/You’re only 17’.

Retrouvez ci-dessous le classement des 20 chansons en tête : Bien qu’on approuve toutes les chansons de cette liste, on aimerait bien y ajouter quelques chansons françaises qui plairont certainement à nos papas, telles que Le Chanteur de Daniel Balavoine, Aline de Christophe, Mistral Gagnant de Renaud (aussi reprise par Cœur de Pirate) ou bien un petit Emmenez-moi de Charles Aznavour. Liam Gallagher affirme que Noel aurait refusé 100 millions de livres pour une réunion d'Oasis ! Bowie at Glastonbury 2000 is on BBC Four on 26 October at 10.55pm. The festival was wilder then, before the wall was built in 2002, and we’d survived two of its wettest years in 1997 and 98. Jamie sat there by the campfire and – clearly smart enough not to take the hit – proceeded to read out the entire setlist. Another time, he got his mum to cater for Iron Maiden’s entire road crew at a career-saving gig, and then blew all his profits on roulette. He wasn’t about to give away his peak performance or his catalogue for nothing. Bowie!”.

We were only three songs in and the crowd were already eating out of Bowie’s hand. Bowie’s 53 now, and although he has toured relentlessly throughout the preceding decade, this isn’t his arena or his production. Rock promoter Dave McLean once had to talk an early business partner out of killing a rival with a gun hidden in a golf bag. Jamie promised to bring “an encore or two” from Bowie’s set later on, but that was nearly 90 minutes away. One major early breakthrough came with the patronage of the ever-clued-up Thin White Duke. I went, ‘You going to play golf, this time of night? McLean particularly recalls a four-date Thin Lizzy tour from the period, when the “heavy duty” promoter he was working for pulled numerous fast ones, from conning the venue out of thousands of pounds of ticket money to exaggerating overheads in order to rob Dave and his partner of their profits.

However, there was a problem: Bowie really didn’t want to be filmed. Half an hour on Zoom with McLean from his home of Bangkok is a tropical storm of anecdotes. There were the massive Heathen and A Reality tours and then the heart attack on 24 June 2004 in Germany that effectively drove him from the concert stage. Meanwhile Bowie’s set progressed, constantly scaling new heights. These days, headliners have largely come to believe that sharing their whole set live on BBC Two is part of the attraction of playing Glastonbury, that they want to embrace the occasion and play to the world. He paid for all the flights, first class, hotels. Here is the culmination of Glastonbury 2000, the millennium festival’s final act, and, for a moment, everything hangs in the balance. He looked about 30. It struck me there and then, that Bowie was referencing his own performance at this very same spot almost 30 years earlier, and that he looked just as groundbreakingly beautiful and “gay” now as he did back then. We could film and broadcast the first four songs of the set and then a song or two from the encore, but no more.

When David Bowie headlined the festival in 2000, the BBC cut him off – and switched to Michael Eavis singing Elvis instead. So you’ve got Cher, Stevie Wonder, ABBA, David Bowie and Muhammad Ali, it’s not every night that happens.”, The gambler in Dave never quite disappeared though.

I was like, 'Fuckin' hell.'"

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