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1 Appearance 2 Powers 2.1 Light Absorption 2.2 Heat Removal 2.3 Other Electromagnetic Wavelength Absorption 2.4 Electric Weakening 3 Weaknesses 4 List of named attacks The fruit looks like a pitch black dragon fruit with tiny silver swirls placed at random slightly reminding the image of a starry night sky in the fruits sides. :joy: Em um SBS, um fã perguntou a Oda se poderia trocar os sexos do Bando do Chapéu de Palha com os poderes de Ivankov (a Horu Horu no Mi), o resultado foi isso que você vai ver: E também temos a mesma versão, porém com os Shichibukais: O que consegui traduzir foi bem pouco e foi pego por uma versão inglês, se quiserem ver o link e tentarem descobrir mais algo, fiquem a vontade. [4] Ce fruit fut mangé par Perona.

Ivankov semble être obligé d'être en contact avec sa victime pour lui appliquer des hormones. É chamado de Cara Emporio. If the power manages to exit that area it will quickly fade away and have no effect. Il semble qu'après l'ellipse, Perona peut utiliser des pouvoirs tels que le vol sans avoir à quitter son corps alors qu'avant elle aurait eu besoin de quitter son corps.

Join the community. Les fantômes créés par le Horo Horo no Mi dépriment de façon extrême, au point de les faire regretter d'exister, toute personne qu'ils touchent, les rendant ainsi inoffensifs et vulnérables pendant la durée de l'effet. [3][4] Ce processus peut également être utilisé par l'utilisateur sur lui-même, avec les même effets. Corsaires et Shishibukaïs, tout un bordel ! It was eaten by Emporio Ivankov. 1 photo. Une deuxième catégorie de fantôme peut être créée. [4], The fruit's bestowed hormone powers, as used by Iva, have been used for a variety of reasons. Horu Horu no Mi [[|250px]] Statistics: Japanese Name: ホルホルの実: Romanized Name: Horu Horu no Mi (KK21)/Usage: English Name: Horm-Horm Fruit: Meaning: Hormones: Usage Debut: Emporio Ryba's Curtain Call: Type: Paramecia: User: Emporio Ryba de Lafé Emporio Ivankov (Former) He can manipulate their emotional state and from that, just a simple word play is all that was needed in ordered for this to happen.

Another interesting property of this power is that light seemingly zones in into the black mass and thus the area around the dark and silvery mass is normally darker and gets brighter gradually. Ivankov utilisant des hormones pour augmenter la taille de sa tête.

Il est possible de faire un fantôme-bombe suffisamment grand pour avaler une personne. Other Electromagnetic Wavelength Absorption.

Hormones really do control many biological functions in the body, including (but not limited to) growth, behavior, energy, and secondary sex characteristics. Horu Horu no Mi Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Lorsque le détenteur du pouvoir quitte son corps pour se déplacer sous sa forme astrale, son corps matériel ne peut être contrôlé et est donc très vulnérable car inanimé.

Barba negra? These hormones can manipulate various aspects of a person such as gender, body temperature, pigmentation, growth, and even emotional state. Ryba's quick recoveries can be assumed to be due to his ability to greatly heal and energize his body through hormones. The Horu Horu no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that grants the user the ability to create various special hormones that can affect anyone they are injected into however the user desires, making the user a Hormone Controlling Human (ホルモン自在人間 Horumon …

No se conoce la ubicación de este PNJ. In addition, supposedly all the Lafe Kingdom members a switched sexes.
Sabemos que há um limite, já que Ivankov disse que não iria passar da segunda dose ao Luffy.

Useful 2.

[2] This process can also be used by the user on themselves to aid them. Thou to a lesser extent the user of the Yoru Yoru no Mi can considerably weaken any electrical based machine by making the power output incredibly much lower to the point it's barely enough to allow the machine to even do it's task.
Le niveau 5.5 est rempli de prisonniers sur lesquels Ivankov a utilisé son pouvoir.

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