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"Funnily enough, my father always used to say that he didn't think I could sing," Michael told Event Magazine (via George Michael Forever). George Michael's Symphonica tour wound through Europe in 2011. In March 1993, scarcely two years after he connected with Michael, Feleppa suffered a brain hemorrhage during a medical procedure and passed away at age 36. Michael pleaded guilty and was sentenced to eight weeks in Highpoint Prison, of which he ultimately served about half. The death of his mother sent Michael into a serious depression when she died in 1997 — and her birthday was on Christmas, which is when Michael died. A few months later, a coroner (via the BBC) revealed that Michael passed away at the age of 53 from natural causes, specifically issues related to the heart and liver. At a Wham! The tragic real-life story of George Michael, © 2020 emerged in the early '80s, their music was as undeniably catchy as it was light. In 2013, according to The Guardian, Michael fell out of his car while driving on England's M1 freeway, reportedly while trying to correct an improperly closing door. Michael himself told The Guardian in 2009 that at the peak of his drug usage, he subsisted "on a glance of Starbucks and weed," smoking in the neighborhood of two dozen joints each day. The singer earned a sentence of 100 community service hours along with a two-year suspension of his driving privileges. George Michael's issues with drugs certainly affected his life to some degree, including his physical and legal ability to operate an automobile. This would mean that even if Michael did die of heart and liver problems in 2016, he had sadly attempted to commit suicide on four previous occasions. It was something different to grief," he said. She was able to spend one last Christmas with Michael and the rest of her family, eventually passing away just two months later in February 1997. Within days, the two were a couple, but just two months into the relationship, Feleppa fell ill, developing a rash on his chest and a flu that he couldn't shake. Lead singer George Michael, blessed with a powerful voice, grinned and danced his way through amusing videos for his group's ultra-'80s hits like "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" and "Wham Rap!" Arrested and booked on impaired driving charges, he entered a guilty plea in May 2007, and the court learned that Michael was under the influence of marijuana and the club drug GHB. According to a Daily Mail interview (via the Associated Press) with George Michael's former Wham! A year ago on Christmas, singer George Michael died at the age of 53. The amounts on his person were small, and he was released without further legal action. The death of partner Anselmo Feleppa understandably left George Michael devastated and in deep mourning for a prolonged period of time. Merely two hours before he was set to take the stage at the Stadthalle in Vienna, the show was canceled while Michael was rushed to a hospital, according to The Independent. That's when he discovered Michael "lying peacefully in bed," he told The Telegraph. In October 2011, according to the BBC, he canceled a scheduled performance at Royal Albert Hall in London after being diagnosed with a viral infection and a woefully high temperature. While he was interested in music from an early age — at age six, he discovered an old gramophone in his parents' garage and wrote his first song — he didn't realize he wanted to pursue music as his life's work until after he got seriously hurt. "I have not been in a relationship with a woman for almost ten years.". "He used heroin. That concert was rescheduled to take place a month later, which Michael again had to back out of when he got sick — and this time, it was even more serious. The singer subsequently fell into a deep, dark sadness. "I want to say that I have no problem with people knowing that I'm in a relationship with a man right now," Michael said. Several other tour dates had to be put off while Michael lay in a bed in AKH Hospital fighting for his life, diagnosed with pneumonia. He was arrested and booked and had marijuana on his person and, as a blood test revealed, in his bloodstream. manager Simon Napier-Bell, the singer's decades-long battles with intoxicating substances began relatively late in adulthood, after he'd started his solo career. Michael processed the event as a near-death experience, and for the better part of the following year, he suffered from severe anxiety as a result. The pop star was reportedly suffering from dilated cardiomyopathy with … At about 4:00 AM one Sunday morning in July 2010 (per The Guardian), police in North London responded to a call about a car that had crashed into the front of a Snappy Snaps film processing center. "So it wasn't exactly the Little House On The Prairie.". Here's the brutal biography of George Michael. Having now been arrested for what appeared to be homosexual activity, Michael decided to come clean. The reason for George Michael's sudden, surprising, and untimely death at age 53 in December 2016: a fatty liver, along with dilated cardiomyopathy and myocarditis (two serious heart problems).

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