if you were me, what would you do

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On this test, you choose between several options of what you would do in given situations, such as if you were being robbed, or were trapped in a building that was on fire, or had farted in public (gasp! The bar for devices (like hip replacements) and procedures (like liposuction) is not as high, but there is usually some informative clinical science of this nature. Yes, the sick part I could do without but on those really bad days, days when I don’t think I can endure another second…and then I do, well those days just make me appreciate the great days even more. You are incredible … and you have a bestseller in your future! Procedure A is “minimally invasive”, though it has a 1-2% incidence of catastrophic complications. The “best case” science says that if 100 adults take the pill for 5 years, perhaps 2 will be spared non-fatal heart damage and 10 will suffer muscle pain. (2013). As long as you are 50% good, 50% not so … Consider Pill B, which reduces a blood chemical associated with damage in many body organs and with death before one’s time. match-1. Everyone has something and this is what I have. Would you take a new version or a combination of these agents? Consider yourself warned though; I don't have much of a filter as you will find out. However, make no mistake; neither the fact of FDA approval nor common practice is an adequate response to “What is the best I can expect?” If the best case falls short in your mind, why would you acquiesce to the intervention?
Someone asked me recently if I wished I could turn the clock back. I think they'll come in handy... Amazing friends like Andrea will get me over this hurdle! All are sanctioned by august professional bodies and all are covered by health insurance. Jimmy has a new single on AmpBound Records entitled “If You Were Me, What Would You Do?” It's an upbeat tune with a perplexing problem. Change ). I have the chills … and you brought tears to my eyes! Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. However there is no suggestion that anyone will be spared death before their time. ( Log Out /  Clearly, “effectiveness” is a value-laden construct. xox Mary, Amazing……simply amazing. Although that being said….. Christine, your journey has been a difficult one fought with pain, fear , and many other terrible situations. I'm going to tell it to you straight, raw. God’s Blessings to you, & keep this strong/inner/outer strength of yours that you have mastered. Even the not so great days are great because they are better than the bad days. You have given people the opportunity to understand your illness and reach out to offer help and encouragement to you. This was cheaper. I prefer to say that it has corrected my vision. I think that’s why I knew we’d be friends the moment we met! Turn the clock back to the time three years ago before I knew I had cancer. Everything was going along just fine until June of 2011 when on safari deep in the confines of Kruger National Park in South Africa, a tiny little twinge in my side set the ball in motion that would ultimately lead to the discovery of the Big C. Cancer. You are truly amazing. I want you to meet him…he is a Dr. and I keep telling him about your articles and he loves it! Yeah, it might be that. xoxoxoxo. No human is good 100% of the time, and power corrupts. Hence, patients and interventions are chosen to measure outcomes in the best case. Pill A is a “statin” for high cholesterol. Pill B is an oral hypoglycemic to lower blood sugar in Type 2 diabetes. Your attitude and positive energy will get you through all of this. What would you do if you were me? When you are interviewing for an internal position within your company, you may be asked what you will do if you don't get the job.The interviewer wants to know whether you are concerned about just the advancement opportunity or the company. I’ve been testing myself frequently. I look forward to seeing you very soon! Jimmy has a new single on AmpBound Records entitled “If You Were Me, What Would You Do?” It's an upbeat tune with a perplexing problem. The best part is that you are so upbeat and positive and hopeful! What you write in words is beyond awesome. Again I am inspired by your words. I think it’s your best one yet. You never cease to amaze. I am blessed every day to call you my friend. The greatest advance in clinical medicine in my time in the practice, fast approaching 50 years, is that today patients and their doctors can assess effectiveness as collaborators. To reclaim the life that I had when I took the life that I had for granted. What would you do if you were me? Consider Procedures A and B, both designed to overcome pathology in blood vessels that is associated with organ damage. You are so inspirational to others. I wish you well along your journey, and thanks for all the lessons. Thank YOU!!!!!!!! But there is a right answer for you. What if you were chosen to go into space? I needed to either start a blog or find a therapist. That’s the way you’ll find the shoe that fits. Kelly, I don’t want you to be like me; I want your cancer cured first time around and then I want to sit on your deck in Montana and have you serve me lots of wine!! So this is my story. He even performed with Motown’s Edwin Starr and Jimmy Ruffin at a very young age. There is no “right or wrong” answer to the question about patients in general acquiescing to these options. ", SoulTracks ® is a registered trademark of SoulTracks, LLC. But none of these people can come up with the right answer for you. (2009), Rethinking Aging. It is quite a ride though. Xoxo Geri, We’ll my buddy you certainly are an amazing writer That does not surprise me you have been truly Amazing during this journey. I can see the hands on the clock much more clearly now. Dr. Nortin M. Hadler is a graduate of Yale College and The Harvard Medical School. I welcome the company....oh, and grab your pearls. That’s why you would be advantaged by a physician who wants to support your valuation of the options.

I had to think about that one…for a nanosecond.

Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Three years since that funky little twinge in my gall bladder started while on the most ridiculously decadent safari in South Africa that would lead to a trip to the emergency room upon my return that then led to the disappointing conclusion that I would not be able to make my trip to Italy the following month because my entire reproductive system along with a few insignificant (medically insignificant, very significant to me personally) organs needed to be removed because they were infested with the big C. So, would I turn back the clock? © 2020 Scientific American, a Division of Nature America, Inc. Support our award-winning coverage of advances in science & technology. Make sense? The old school-influenced song is our newest SoulTracks First Listen. Jimmy Sterling’s career started as a backup drummer for a variety of local groups around the inner-city and suburbs of Detroit. The Big Guy rarely gives you more than you can handle. Considerations of co-pays and deductibles often weigh heavily in the valuation of interventions. Christine…you continue to amaze me with your quiet (and sometimes not so quiet) strength and determination and grace! You are truly an inspiration , To me, as well as others, I am sure.

It is legislated to be off-the-table in the machinations of the Affordable Care Act for reasons that vary from fear of rationing to fear of compromising profit margins. ( Log Out /  My name is Christine Sandrib. May you savor every moment of the upcoming holiday. You live your life with eyes and heart wide open. Even if it was free?
We've met in school, started talking and two weeks later we ended up together, however due to … What if you were dreaming about your teeth falling out, and you woke up to find that they had? For some unknown reason you have had to take this road . He was certified a Diplomate of the American Boards of Internal Medicine, Rheumatology, Allergy & Immunology and Geriatrics. I’m clean for 24 days, was a daily smoker. I think this was your best post to date….I love the statement about “…it has corrected my vision” – very inspirational. No longer does an imperious pronouncement by a physician suffice. If you were deemed “appropriate” would you acquiesce to either procedure? But these studies were done on early versions of this category of pharmaceutical. I agree with everything everyone above said!

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