jack and jill rhyme

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[28], There are several theories concerning the origin of the rhyme. Most such explanations postdate the first publication of the rhyme and have no corroborating evidence. She called for Nell to ring the bell, Nought shall go ill; "Jack and Jill" (sometimes "Jack and Gill", particularly in earlier versions) is a traditional English nursery rhyme.The Roud Folk Song Index classifies the commonest tune and its variations as number 10266, although it has been set to several others. And home did trot,

To fetch a pail of water, Add your poems, quotes, or title ideas to share with other members. To see his paper plaster; The original rhyme dates back to the 18th century and different numbers of verses were later added, each with variations in the wording. True delight A musical arrangement of the rhyme as a catch by Charles Burney was published in 1777, at a date earlier than any still existing copy of Mother Goose's Melody. Jack fell down

[21], The Victorian composer Alfred James Caldicott, who distinguished himself by setting several nursery rhymes as ingenious part songs, adapted "Jack and Jill" as one in 1878.

In consequence of this, the Gill (a quarter pint in liquid measure) "came tumbling after". Jack fell down The earliest version of the rhyme was in a reprint of John Newbery's Mother Goose's Melody, thought to have been first published in London around 1765. These included a Handel aria, Italian operatic and Wagnerian versions. It is so used, for example, in the proverb "Every Jack (shall/must) have his Jill",[6] to which there are references in two plays by William Shakespeare dating from the 1590s. An 1840s edition from Otley, titled The adventures of Jack & Jill and old Dame Jill, was written in longer and more circumstantial quatrains of between ten and twelve syllables, rhymed AABB. Yet another American variation on the story appeared in the Saint Nicholas Magazine. For causing Jack's disaster. Went up the hill The wording also varied in these, and there were multiplications of the creatures involved in the adventures of the three protagonists – a donkey, a reindeer, a bull, a goose and a camel.[11]. In this version the trio of Jack, Jill, and their mother Dame Gill experience further mishaps involving the dog Ball, an attack from a goat, falls from a see-saw, a swing and a pig, followed by a parental whipping for getting dirty. [31] Alternatively it has been taken to satirise the attempt by King Charles I of England to raise extra revenue by ordering that the volume of a Jack (1/8 pint) be reduced, while the tax remained the same. And all shall be well. [9] This change of emphasis was signalled by the book's coloured illustrations and introductory epigraph: "Read it who will, They’ll laugh their fill". “This rhyme tells a story. Jack and Jill are the characters. Jack and Jill Went up the hill To fetch a pail of water, Jack fell down And broke his crown And Jill came tumbling after. With vinegar and brown paper. A number of theories continue to be advanced to explain the rhyme’s historical origin. Went up the hill A character can be a person or an animal that a story or rhyme … And Gill came tumbling after. Nimble Dick ran up so quick,

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