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The twentieth century will be remembered for the millions of innocent children, women, and men who perished needlessly in war or in large-scale, organized extrajudicial killings. However, while international standards remain vague, across Europe grounds for recusal are really quite limited. Read a personal account of the 1973 oil embargo by Saudi Arabia's former oil minister. He is presently an Adjunct Professor at The Florida State University College of Law. More often than not, attacks on him are shot through with falsehoods and propaganda, and the anti-Semitic undertones are hard to miss. However, this biased and distorted report offers no constructive suggestions for reform. In January 2011, Congress enacted legislation prohibiting the use offederal funds to transfer to the United States any individuals currentlydetained at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. Before joining the IBA, Ellis spent ten years as the first Executive Director of the Central European and Eurasian Law Initiative, a project of the American Bar Association. Part of HuffPost News. While the ECLJ itself is somewhat obscure, its handiwork was widely circulated by conspiracy theorists and conservative outlets such as the right-wing French magazine, Mark Ellis is the Executive Director of the, This article was prepared for publication by, The Populist Assault on the Rule of Law, Civil Society and George Soros. Since its founding in 1959, the European Court of Human Rights — a court of last resort for disenfranchised people battling the power of often repressive regimes — has safeguarded rights and freedoms in its member states, now some 50 countries strong. The IBA is comprised of 203 national bar associations, major international law firms and 40,000 individual members from around the world. In February, a group called the European Center for Law and Justice (ECLJ) published a, accusing several prominent non-governmental organizations (NGOs) of having undue influence on the court. A frequent speaker and media commentator on international legal issues, he appears regularly on CNN International, Al Jazeera and BBC, in addition to publishing extensively on international humanitarian law, war crime Please direct any questions or comments to her at, Supreme Court grants expedited review on census exclusion of undocumented immigrants, Human Rights Watch condemns Syria-Russia attacks in Idlib as crimes against humanity, Federal appeals court denies Navajo request for ballot deadline extension, Federal judge allows North Carolina to count absentee ballots postmarked through November 12, Federal judge denies request to block election grants to 5 Wisconsin cities, From Jailhouse to Firehouse: California’s AB2147 Pros And Cons for Inmate Firefighters, Speaker Pelosi Is Second in Line for the Presidency: Claims to the Contrary Are Weak and Dangerous, Section 144 and the Pandemic: A Look at Freedom of Speech in Mumbai, One Question I Would Like to Ask Judge Barrett, President Carter signed bill restoring US citizenship of Jefferson Davis. The IBA is comprised of 203 national bar associations and 40,000 individual members from around the world. Prior to joining the IBA, he spent ten years as the first Executive Director of the Central European and Eurasian Law Initiative (CEELI), a project of the American Bar Association (ABA). Mark Ellis is the executive director of the International Bar Association (IBA). Since 1997, OSF has spent over $15 billion on these endeavors. In doing so, the report resorts to tabloid-style speculation and ignores facts: Fact one: Article 21 of the court’s mandate provides that “the judges shall be of high moral character and must either possess the qualifications required for appointment to high judicial office or be jurisconsults of recognized competence.”, Fact two: The judicial election process starts at the national level where three potential candidates are identified. No system is perfect, and this certainly applies to the European Court of Human Rights. Dr. Ellis earned his J.D. The accusations about George Soros are more outlandish still. The IBA is comprised of more than 190 national bar There are, of course, circumstances in which judges are required to recuse themselves. (Economics) degrees from Florida State University and his PhD in Law from King’s College, London. And Hungary’s leader, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, has sought to demonize Soros, passing a so-called “Stop Soros” law that criminalizes activities supporting asylum applicants and blaming him for what Orbán calls the “Muslim invasion into Christian Europe.” Such attacks, part of Orbán’s drive to “make Hungary an illiberal state,” have shrunk the space for civil society in Hungary, diminishing the power of NGOs to defend themselves against this trend. A frequent speaker and media commentator on international legal issues, Dr. Ellis appears regularly on CNN International, Al Jazeera, and BBC and has published extensively in the areas of international humanitarian law, war crimes tribunals, and the development of the rule of law. He has published extensively in the areas of international humanitarian law, war crimes tribunals, and the development of the rule of law and his op-eds have appeared in The New York Times, The International Herald Tribune, The Sunday Times (South Africa) and The London Times. ‘With so much uncertainty in the world, we have made the decision to move the Miami conference,’ they said. He is the co-recipient of the American Bar Association’s World Order Under Law Award, the recipient of Florida State University’s Distinguished Graduate Award and the University’s College of Social Sciences & Public Policy Distinguished Alumni Award. Twice a Fulbright Scholar at the Economic Institute in Zagreb, Croatia, he earned his J.D. The ECLJ report also sets out a very dubious assertion of judicial bias because of the alleged “affiliations” of the judges, either as plaintiffs, through amicus curiae, or as third parties.

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