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It is the sole remaining U.S. state flag which bears the Confederate battle flag's saltire, after Georgia adopted a new flag in 2001. The flag has 19 blue stars in the center on a white background, circling a larger blue star, representing Mississippi as the 20th state. All rights reserved.

On April 17, 2001, a legally binding state referendum to change the flag was put before Mississippi voters by the legislature on recommendation of this commission. The circle of stars symbolizes unity and continuity and pays tribute to the circle and spiral imagery of indigenous peoples' artwork, the artist added.
Meaning of the Flag. We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. Red vertical bars are on either side of the stars. MISSISSIPPI map here! Several cities and public universities, including the. The History of Mississippi's State Flag.

Graphical characteristics:Asymmetric, Closed shape, Colorful, Contains straight lines, Has crossing lines.

JACKSON, Miss. This saltie has 13 stars, each of which represents one of the original colonies of the US. Updated 2048 GMT (0448 HKT) April 22, 2019. Stennis' design, done in 2014, eliminated the Confederate symbol. The stars represent the original 13 colonies. The History of Mississippi's State Flag. all USA State Flags here! One of five final designs for the new Mississippi state flag flutters in the breeze, outside the Old Capitol Museum in Jackson, Miss., Aug. 25, 2020, in Jackson, Miss.

The Mississippi flag was adopted by the state legislature in 1894. Mississippi's flag has included the Confederate emblem -- a blue cross with 13 stars over a red background -- since 1894. The Confederate battle flag was added to the state flag of Mississippi in 1894 and appeared on two former state flags of Georgia from 1956 until 2003. https://www.symbols.com/symbol/flag-of-mississippi. The U.S. state of Mississippi currently does not have an official state flag following the retirement of the most recent version on June 30, 2020.

This flag featured a white five-pointed star on a blue field. "It can be a beautiful story, but also a really scary and dark story.".

It was repealed in 1906, but it remained in use. Inauspicious beginnings.

17 Oct. 2020. Subscribe to the digital Clarion Ledger. The specialty plates cost $33 in addition to the the regular tag fee and will be available starting July 1. Mississippi flag; photo by Richard Threlkeld on Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution / share alike).


Sports world reacts:Conference USA joins NCAA, SEC in banning postseason events until MS flag is changed, 'It is time':Interfaith clergy call for the immediate removal of Mississippi's flag. Mississippi is diverse —in its peoples, resources, and landscape.

A Mississippi flag flies at the state Capitol hours before Gov. Critics of the state flag say it's racist, while others believe it's a crucial part of the state's history. © 2020 www.clarionledger.com. Mississippi's flag was the last flag in the U.S. to feature the Confederate battle emblem. The Mississippi flag was adopted by the state legislature in 1894. The specialty license plates will be available starting July 1. In January 2001, then-Governor Ronnie Musgrove appointed an independent commission which developed a new proposed flag design. The new flag allows us to look back in history and also look forward.".

Follow her on Facebook and Twitter. LARGER FLAG: View this flag at 800 pixels wide here! When Mississippi seceded from the United States on January 9, 1861, there was not yet any Confederate States of America, and thus another sovereign nation was born.

The fight to change the flag has drawn ire in the state from staunch opponents who point to the 2001 state election where 65% of voters elected to keep the current flag. The colors and the design of the state flag of Mississippi are used to represent the state’s heritage and history. The flag of the State of Mississippi was adopted by the U.S. state of Mississippi in 1894, replacing the flag that had been adopted in 1861. all USA State Flags here! The stars represent the original 13 colonies. Mississippi flag; photo by Stuart Seeger on Flickr (use permitted with attribution). Stennis, who was born and raised in Mississippi, said she designed her flag after she felt she could not put up the official state flag because of its Confederate imagery. House Minority Leader Rep. Robert Johnson, D-Natchez, has previously said the flag designed by Laurin Stennis should be adopted by the Legislature, though it would be referred to as simply the Mississippi flag. The state's flag has long contained an image of the Confederate battle flag, also known as the Southern Cross. — As Mississippi replaces its former flag that had the Confederate battle emblem, five proposals were literally run up a flagpole Tuesday.

The Mississippi Legislature is still in session and could vote to change the flag, but doing so would require a suspension of the rules. The flag also features the red white and blue Confederate saltire used in the Confederate battle flag. "When you fly a flag up a flagpole, it sure does lo We truly appreciate your support. Instead, it features 19 stars in a circle around a large center star and a red stripe on either side.

Modern state flags date from the 1890s when s… read more », A flag is usually a piece of fabric with a distinctive design that is usually rectangular and used as a symbol, as a signaling device, or decoration. The Mississippi flag was officially adopted in 1894. There are three colors featured in the design of the flag of Mississippi. This flag was known as the Magnolia Flag. Prior to 1861, the state did not have its own flag. It featured the Bonnie Blue Flag design in the canton, with a Magnolia tree in the center and a red border on the right side of the flag. Mississippi’s flag is the only one in the United States to feature the Confederate saltire. The term flag is also used to refer to the graphi… read more ». Most recently, the SEC said championships will not be played in Mississippi until the flag is changed.

Official State Flag of Mississippi. Native Mississippian and artist Laurin Stennis reimagined the state flag without the Confederate emblem it has borne since 1894.

The stars represent the original 13 colonies. Contact Sarah Fowler at 601-961-7303 or sfowler@gannett.com. LARGER FLAG: View this flag at 800 pixels wide here! But the creator of the flag has asked that it be renamed, noting the attachment of her last name could evoke pain and discomfort. However, 65% of voters chose then to keep the flag with the Confederate symbol instead of switching to 20 white stars on a blue field to represent Mississippi's status as the 20th state. "Our current flag feels very stuck in time.

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