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At its peak, the park had 1.7 million visitors a year. According to large new signs, SK Housing were threatening to sue every unauthorized person caught on the premises.

The park, in Japan’s Nara Prefecture, was directly inspired by Disneyland. Their plan was to build the housing for retired people here. But as I found out during my visit in late March 2017, Dreamland’s story was already just a history! But the theme park was never demolished; it has been standing vacant for 10 years, in much of the same state as it was when it was closed. I was clicking with my camera, mainly shooting pure guesses. I knew that entering the amusement park area is officially considered as trespassing, so I thought that some twilight cover could only help. If anyone still wanted to visit the park and see any of what still remains of the entrance area (outside these guys’ work hours), then go now.". This marked the beginning of the downfall for Dreamland, with attendance numbers dropping to around a million visitors a year. Just the feeling of a messed-up puzzle, with so many parts missing. (For all your *Nara Dreamland* needs please have a look at the *Nara Dreamland Special*. Should I still plan a trip to nara? So I left as they were most likely there on official business… and got right back in after I watched them leaving – staying till it got dark, shooting a video on the way out. Our site uses cookies. I was at abandoned Japanese theme park Nara Dreamland today (2016/10/14) and it looks like the demolition of the main entrance street has begun. The demolition of Nara Dreamland should be finished by now. [3][4] In 2013, the city put the site up for auction but the auction received no bids.

Japan has plenty of rundown and soon to be closed amusement parks, so in 2005 Nara Dreamland wasn’t special; except for being a Disneyland clone. This time, an Osaka-based real estate company named SK Housing won the bid, paying 730 million Yen (or $6 million in USD).[3][4]. As for you visiting Japan: There are still plenty of places worth visiting – especially not abandoned ones! Has the housing company started building those homes? [1] Demolition of the park started in October 2016 and was completed on December 21, 2017. Those old folks better be thankful! When my buddy Hamish made a call just before SK Housing started prep work (in early September), their answer was that they are not talking to anybody about anything. I myself am devastated because I wanted to visit before it was demolished but they decided to just ruin that dream for lost of explorers.

No tripod bringing was in question for this get in-get out photo shooting. Nara Dreamland officially shut down in 2006 and was left to rot. Yes, that's right - Nara Dreamland is being demolished. The abandoned Dreamland, an originally barely touched and most recently quite vandalized deserted amusement park in Japan’s former capital Nara, had been a lost place too good to be true for most of its existence – well, except for security, which most likely was in fact the previous owner and his son, who had their offices in the blue City Hall building right next to the entrance and did occasional rides through the park to catch them some trespassers to hand them over to the police. [9], Coordinates: 34°42′00″N 135°49′27″E / 34.70000°N 135.82417°E / 34.70000; 135.82417, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Nara Dreamland – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)", "Nara Dreamland sold to Osaka real estate company", "Bad news, guys. Hey Toshihiru, Mitte Januar wurden gerade das Parkhaus sowie das Gebäude mit dem Aussichtstürmchen am (nicht mehr existierenden) Haupteingang abgerissen. But today there are no even ruins worth exploring! I wish I could have made there to see the remnants. Actually quite sickening to see this place be destroyed without removing any of it for museums. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I am so happy that I was able to explore the park as an urban explorer and take such memorable pictures.

Actually, for the amount of the trespassing fine, I could have easily ridden it 167 times in those days. If they still work, I'm sure there's a collector out there somewhere. The park contained several rides prior to closing, including: Other rides included a carousel, a Mad Tea Party-styled ride, a haunted maze, a small powered coaster, a Jungle Cruise-styled ride, and a log flume. [7], Nara Dreamland was a popular destination for haikyoists, or urban explorers. Construction began in the early 1950s. With so many ashes around, it does look like a crematorium, doesn’t it?

Most of the vegetation along the road had been completely removed. Nara Dreamland was Japan's answer to Disneyland, until it wasn't. Nara Dreamland (Japanese: 奈良ドリームランド, Hepburn: Nara Dorīmurando) or just simply Dreamland, was a theme park near Nara, Japan, heavily inspired by Disneyland in California.It was in continuous operation for 45 years, from 1961, closing permanently in 2006 as a result of falling attendance. During my first couple of visits I realized that the amount of stored scaffolding was changing, yet none of it appeared in the park. It was in continuous operation for 45 years, from 1961, closing permanently in 2006 as a result of falling attendance.

In the background you could hear machines smashing the merry-go-rounds to pieces. STOP!! Ivan also wrote: This place was certainly not haunted anymore. Some preserved stairs, broken brick walls, tires, hills of unidentified attraction parts, pools of water… No much haikyo really. , This was supposedly included in our itinerary for our trip to Japan this 2017, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing Nara Dreamland by that time!

South African Instagrammer Gareth Pon visited the place in summer 2016. [...] When I came back on September 24th, I realized that prep work had begun in the week of September 19th. Nara Dreamland is amongst the first dozen locations I’ve ever explored, it had been with me my whole urbex career – it’s in the background of my avatar (in the form of Aska). I climbed water slides, had a closer look at the castle, went inside fake Mount Matterhorn, and even found a whole new building nobody seems to know about.

I love those old amusement parks from my childhood. They honestly could of made a profit if they made it a tourist spot for people who like to see old abandoned theme parks....just saying :(. Even the ghosts have left. We tried to speak with each other but he only knew japanese and we ended up having some laughs.

I wasn’t that fortunate. It also had a Matterhorn-type mountain (with a Matterhorn Bobsleds-type ride, called Bobsleigh) with a Skyway running through it, as well as an Autopia-type ride and a monorail.

Domestic and international explorers were taking their cameras into the forbidden zone, risking to be caught by the security (some actually were), and delivering their photographs to the world. But in October last year, Japanese daily newspaper Mainichireported Osaka real estate company SK Housing had bought the site with plans to dismantle what remained of Nara Dreamland. Covered in blue plastic, as it would protect it from the unpredictable weather or demolition. I’ve been one of the first urban explorers to go there… and I’ve been one of the last ones to go there. All Rights Reserved. I was expecting that they would dismantle it, probably scaffolding it first. I met a french couple there that scared the shit out of me and at the end an old man that was probably homless. In October 2016, a Japanese newspaper reported that SK Housing had started the demolition process. Demolition is set to finish in December 2017. Something very special just came to an end.

Matsuo also talked with engineers about creating a Japanese version of Disneyland. The caterpillar-type vehicles are tearing it all down to piles of rubble. Kansai Cool: A Journey into the Cultural Heartland of Japan. On August 31, 2006, the park closed down for good. Just breaks my heart seeing this park go.

It didn’t give in easily though.

But don’t get your hopes up – I had two Japanese friends contact them independently… and both were cut short within seconds as they refused to talk to anybody about Nara Dreamland. Now this creepy abandoned theme park will be destroyed. 2016-12-16 I'm sure there would have been fans who would've flocked there for the memories and such! ( Log Out /  Thank you!

However, towards the end of the construction phase, Matsuo and Disney had disagreements about the licensing fees for the Disney characters (they later settled when Matsuo paid for Disney's help), and MEC abandoned the idea of Nara Disneyland and created their own mascots and trademarks. But just because the world’s most famous abandoned  (closed? [8], Additionally, many have reported hearing strange noises near the park's boats. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Brad Diggory.

So sad that so soon to my trip to Japan this wonderful site is being wiped out. After looking Nara up on Google Maps, I saw that it was close to Kyoto and Osaka. With the daylight extinguishing, my camera’s aperture was doing its best to let in as much light as it could find. Here's a couple of photos he took, showing that Nara Dreamland now looked more like an apocalyptic wasteland than a theme park. Don't miss a thing! I may have never gotten to see it in real life but I'm glad I found out about the park before it started getting demolished. After those two parks opened, Dreamland's attendance numbers worsened, plummeting to 400,000 visitors a year. 2 Bilder davon gibt auf der FB-Seite. Note: All photographs in this gallery have been made after dark, with very low light source, and have been artificially enlightened in post-processing, Ruins of stairs at the site of the former amusement park Nara Dreamland in Nara, Japan, photo by Ivan Kralj. Hope you don't mind but I linked your blog on my own about urban exploration in Hokkaido :) Matsuo also talked with engineers about creating a Japanese version of Disneyland. The book talks about the shrines, anime, tech, fashion and otaku culture in Kansai. The entrance to the park was designed to look almost identical to Disneyland, including its own versions of the Train Depot, Main Street, U.S.A., and the familiar Sleeping Beauty Castle at the hub. Finally, the real estate company SK Housing bought the abandoned theme park as the only bidder at the auction. On 17 December 2016, Florian Seidel wrote, "Demolition is progressing at a fast pace - by now every attraction is at least half gone...". For those who can read, there was also a signboard with big Japanese letters probably threatening trespassers with significant fines or chopping their hands off. MEC, including Nara Dreamland, was bought by the supermarket chain Daiei in 1993.

Nara Dreamland, Japan.

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