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Best in Travel 2020. The Ecology of Papua. For the horse, see, List of resources about traditional arts and culture of Oceania. Research indicates that the highlands were an early and independent center of agriculture, with evidence of irrigation going back at least 10,000 years. The most startling discovery took place on 4 August 1938, when Richard Archbold discovered the Grand Valley of the Baliem River, which had 50,000 yet-undiscovered Stone Age farmers living in orderly villages. Is Chewing Gum Against the Law in Singapore? Shared with you. For other international maps, visit the links shown below. Remains of this agricultural system, in the form of ancient irrigation systems in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, are being studied by archaeologists. These peoples had made the (shortened) sea-crossing from the islands of Wallacea and Sundaland (the present Malay Archipelago) by at least 40,000 years ago. Western agronomists still do not understand all of the practices, and it has been noted that native gardeners are as, or even more, successful than most scientific farmers in raising certain crops. In the period from 1998 to 2008, conservationists identified 1,060 new species in New Guinea, including 218 plants, 43 reptiles, 12 mammals, 580 invertebrates, 134 amphibians, 2 birds and 71 fish. 17 7694–7698. [10] Geologically it is a part of the same tectonic plate as Australia.

New Guinea is located in the Souhtwest Pacific, it is the second largest island on the Earth.The island is shared by Indonesia (occupying the western part) and Papua New Guinea (eastern part), the two parts being roughly equal in area. Help. In more recent millennia, another wave of people arrived on the shores of New Guinea. Typical Southern Hemisphere flora include the conifers Podocarpus and the rainforest emergents Araucaria and Agathis, as well as tree ferns and several species of Eucalyptus. The MRP was empowered to protect the rights of Papuans, raise the status of women in Papua, and to ease religious tensions in Papua; block grants were given for the implementation of the Law as much as $266 million in 2004. The Indonesian province of West Papua is home to an estimated 44 uncontacted tribal groups.[23]. In 2000, Irian Jaya was formally renamed "The Province of Papua" and a Law on Special Autonomy was passed in 2001. He commanded loyalty from both Moluccan and Papuan chiefs, especially those of Raja Ampat Islands. Remains of this agricultural system, in the form of ancient irrigation systems in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, are being studied by archaeologists. 1305x875 / 624 Kb Go to Map. and G.S. "Climate of Papua". Following Tidore's defeat, much of the territory it claimed in western part of New Guinea came under Dutch rule as part of Dutch East Indies.[39]. Beaches, coasts and islands. About New Guinea: The Facts: Provinces : Papua, West Papua. 62 Works Wing (RAAF) simultaneously landed at Aitape, 230km to the east in the Australian Territory of New wikipedia, After extensive aerial and naval bombardment, including the landing of 24,000 airborne troops, 156,000 US, British, and other Allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy, German-occupied France, in the largest seaborne invasion in history.


Mounds constructed to plant water-intolerant plants such as bananas, sugarcane, and yams are dated to about 6,500 years ago." 2.3 in Marshall, A.J., and Beehler, B.M. This has been identified with the Onin Peninsula, part of the Bomberai Peninsula near the city of Fakfak. The term Papuan languages refers to an areal grouping, rather than a linguistic one, since so-called Papuan languages comprise hundreds of different languages, most of which are not related.[21]. [33] There is evidence that New Guinea gardeners invented crop rotation well before western Europeans. However, the Queensland government's superiors in the United Kingdom revoked the claim, and (formally) assumed direct responsibility in 1884, when Germany claimed north-eastern New Guinea as the protectorate of German New Guinea (also called Kaiser-Wilhelmsland). A successive European claim occurred in 1828, when the Netherlands formally claimed the western half of the island as Netherlands New Guinea. The Law established a Papuan People's Assembly (MRP) with representatives of the different indigenous cultures of Papua. 3137x1665 / 1,33 Mb Go to Map. New Guinea has a rich diversity of coral life and 1,200 species of fish have been found. [3] The name appears to come from the words papo (to unite) and ua (negation), which means "not united" or, "territory that geographically is far away (and thus not united)".[3][4]. Other than bats and some two dozen indigenous rodent genera,[19] there are no pre-human indigenous placental mammals. The shape of New Guinea is often compared to that of a bird-of-paradise (indigenous to the island), and this results in the usual names for the two extremes of the island: the Bird's Head Peninsula in the northwest (Vogelkop in Dutch, Kepala Burung in Indonesian; also known as the Doberai Peninsula), and the Bird's Tail Peninsula in the southeast (also known as the Papuan Peninsula). The island of New Guinea is divided politically into roughly equal halves across a north-south line: The current population of the island of New Guinea is about eleven million. During World War I, Australian forces seized German New Guinea, which in 1920 became the Territory of New Guinea, to be administered by Australia under a League of Nations mandate. Map of Papua New Guinea. Another major habitat feature is the vast southern and northern lowlands. His expedition also discovered Basilaki Island naming it Tierra de San Buenaventura, which he claimed for Spain in July 1606. [48], The culture of inter-tribal warfare and animosity between the neighboring tribes are still present in New Guinea. [12] Then, at a 1975 conference and consequent publication,[13] they extended the name Sahul from its previous use for just the Sahul Shelf to cover the continent.[12]. Most of these species are shared, at least in their origin, with the continent of Australia, which was until fairly recent geological times part of the same landmass (see Australia-New Guinea for an overview). A high percentage of New Guinea's species are endemic, and thousands are still unknown to science: probably well over 200,000 species of insect, between 11,000 and 20,000 plant species, and over 650 resident bird species. When the Dutch colonized this island as part of the Dutch East Indies, they called it Nieuw Guinea. In 1526–27, Portuguese explorer Jorge de Meneses saw the western tip of New Guinea and named it ilhas dos Papuas. The Papua New Guinea Map shown below is a Google map of the country, depicting major cities and nearby nations. Scroll down to see more maps, images, and info about Papua New Guinea. It is taken from the Biak language of Biak Island, and means "to rise", or "rising spirit". [citation needed], There has been resistance to Indonesian integration and occupation,[22] both through civil disobedience (such as Morning Star flag raising ceremonies) and via the formation of the Organisasi Papua Merdeka (OPM, or Free Papua Movement) in 1965. In 1989 a secessionist revolt on Bougainville Island, that lasted nine years and claimed nearly 20,000 lives, resulted in Bougainville and the other 18 districts to have a quasi-federal status as provinces. To print any of the images on this page, just SAVE the image to your picture file for future use. Prentice, M.L. Biogeographically, New Guinea is part of Australasia rather than the Indomalayan realm, although New Guinea's flora has many more affinities with Asia than its fauna, which is overwhelmingly Australian. Papua New Guinea physical map [27], According to the WWF, New Guinea can be divided into twelve terrestrial ecoregions:[28], The WWF and Nature Conservancy divide New Guinea into five freshwater ecoregions:[29], The WWF and Nature Conservancy identify several marine ecoregions in the seas bordering New Guinea:[30], The first inhabitants, from whom the Papuan people are probably descended, adapted to the range of ecologies and, in time, developed one of the earliest known agricultures. [38] During Tidore's rule, the main exports of the island during this period were resins, spices, slaves and the highly priced feathers of the bird-of-paradise.

It is isolated by the Arafura Sea to the west, and the Torres Strait and Coral Sea to the east. Although the rest of the Dutch East Indies achieved independence as Indonesia on 27 December 1949, the Netherlands regained control of western New Guinea. [22], Large areas of New Guinea are yet to be explored by scientists and anthropologists. [7][8][9] Various other smaller mountain ranges occur both north and west of the central ranges. Following the return to civil administration after World War II, the Australian section was known as the Territory of Papua-New Guinea from 1945 to 1949 and then as Territory of Papua and New Guinea. The largest island offshore, Dolak, lies near the Digul estuary, separated by a strait so narrow it has been named a "creek". Map of Papua New Guinea with cities and towns. What Happened To Germanwings Flight 4U9525? The name Irian, which was originally favored by natives, is now considered to be a name imposed by the authority of Jakarta.[2]. Look Here Right Now To See A Long Lost Portrait Of Emily Dickinson! Officially the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, this island nation occupies the eastern half of the island of New Guinea, and includes numerous offshore islands. Anthropologically, New Guinea is considered part of Melanesia.[15]. The tree line is around 4,000 m (13,100 ft) elevation, and the tallest peaks contain equatorial glaciers—which have been retreating since at least 1936. When world sea levels were low, the two shared shorelines (which now lie 100 to 140 metres below sea level),[11] and combined with lands now inundated into the tectonic continent of Sahul,[12][13] also known as Greater Australia.

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