niam sanskrit meaning

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3. I’ve always like the indian names and when i had my son i named him Shahan Narayan… i know Narayan is an indian name, but i understand Shahan isn’t an indian name, however, i read that it is a name that is used in the subcontinent of india, i love the name and it’s meaning, which is king in Armenian and profit maker in persian. We have our baby girl named Varenya.. We got the idea from Gayathri mantra.. With a little extra thought, you could make your child’s life smoother and happier. Not Veer. my cousin is expecting a baby girl , Ira Since, we didn’t find much names and all we found were quite common girls name now a days. They’ve settled on Manaa, with double A, meaning mind. What does the name Niam mean? When my wife was pregnant, I vetoed Sameer because I knew would quickly turn into “Sameer the Queer” on the playground. I’m sturggling with names for a second boy at the moment. And I love your name collection too I’ve been putting together boy name lists too and this is what I’ve come up with:-, Advay i am american but of mixed race (white-Hispanic-Indian ) and my husbands from India (Tamil) …were are trying to figure out what our second child’s name will be ..i am leaning more into Kareena (which can also be used as a spanish name) and my husband is leaning more into Katrina or Rajeena …(all names are common american names but different spelling of course) …we still have 4.5 months to come to a decision…our first born was much easier for picking a name since a majority of people already have names picked out for their first child… cant wait til shes here an hoping we chose a name before her big arrival day. What is the meaning of Niaz ? Great suggestions . Very nice article. I thought it was just me, so I asked several people and all of them immediately made the same connection in their mind. So, when you’re in the hospital holding the birth certificate application, please take an extra moment to consider the following: 1. 4. Freya Know Rashi, Nakshatra, Religion, Gender, Similar Names, Name stories, funny talk and Variant Names for name Niam Sikh Boy Names Sikh Girl Names. Also means army man in German, French and also Armenian? And not to be overly dramatic, but you have the opportunity to mold that first impression. My husband and i are having another child in 3mnths, it’s a girl and i like Parveen or Parvani, he likes Sonali or Priyala, what do you think?. I named my son as Nithin… do you think it is easy to pronounce and goes well with Suresh? Is it true that the name Mayil will be a reason for my daughter to be mocked? Kyran/Kyrin Can you suggest some good unique sanskrit names? But at the end of the day, that is the beauty of some of these names. My husband want to keep Myra as the name. N is for name, a pleasant one indeed. You make an excellent point! In the whole family, She will be the only girl child can you suggest a name accordingly . I also have friends with names that made it even harder for them. Just the kind of information I was looking for. The best of luck with your decision. You have great writing skills. Please share what they decide. Though persian is the origin. “I must have looked a total wally but I didn’t care”, Hi Lakshmi, Name Detail Of Liam With Meaning , Origin and Numorology . Kids in the States would probably call him Krish or Kris. Find out below. Hi Lakshmi – thanks for the article. Hi Lakshmi, Kanish Wondering what would be her American nickname and will people in general be able to pronounce it in the correct way.. My husband loves the name. Do you think this name will pass the playground test? Hi Lakshmi , Thank you again for your wonderful article! Ideally we would have loved to spell it as Vir…but some folks see that and say it as ‘Vir’ as in Virginia. I have taken it off the list. 2) Daman Singh Your simple wisdom helped the weak and the poor. Rhynisha My sister is expecting a baby girl and their names both start with the letter “m.” They want to name their daughter with the letter “m” as well, but i feel that would be too much M. Founder of Saffluence Magazine. Vir would have been ideal but not sure it will work.

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