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"RoboCop 2" is a bizarre mixture of violence and humor. The original RoboCop fell into a particular sweet spot where it left plenty of room for a sequel to fit in storytelling-wise, while also leaving very little purpose for that sequel to exist beyond "because people will pay for it". Meanwhile, Hob arranges a secret meeting with the Mayor, offering to bail out the city's debt to OCP, but only if he agrees to a hands-off policy regarding the distribution of Nuke. They deduce that Murphy only survived because of his exceedingly strong sense of duty, and his moral objection to suicide as an Irish-Catholic. RoboCop arrives late, only in time to find and comfort a dying Hob, who tells him about what happened.

However, all he could do was point, eyes wide, as the Old Man displayed a large container of Nuke in his hand; saying it was the main cause of crime in Old Detroit.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. United States: June 22, 1990United Kingdom: October 12, 1990Australia: November 1, 1990

117 minutes The mayor sees to his abject horror that the machine was none other than murderous RoboCop 2. It freely borrows the situation, characters and moral questions posed by the first film."

1 Plot 2 Cast 2.1 … While the special effects and action sequences are widely praised, a common complaint was that the film did not focus enough on RoboCop and his partner Lewis and that the film's human story of the man trapped inside the machine was ultimately lost within a sea of violence. They get suicidal, according to scientists in the movie, because they lack a strong sense of duty. RoboCop Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community.
This is a movie where one scene features a tycoon announcing plans to "take Detroit private," and another scene has RoboCop snatching the brains of his enemy out of their artificial skull and pounding them into the pavement. Directed by Irvin Kershner of The Empire Strikes Back fame, RoboCop 2 sends the cyborg into an even more violent world, as OCP begins its hostile takeover for the birth of Delta City, and there is a new narcotic designer drug called "Nuke", distributed by a man called Cain. Similar Items. (The bad robot has a head that looks like a Nazi helmet; did its inventors know they were manufacturing a villain?) Cain immediately opened fire, but all he could muster was the electric whine of the minigun's motor; as his weapons were all disabled via Faxx's remote control. RoboCop 2's first assignment was to follow Mayor Marvin Kuzak and his council to a meeting with the mysterious individual who had stepped up to bail out the city from its colossal debt to OCP. Murphy is ultimately powerless to refuse the new commands, and is rendered unable to take aggressive action against criminals or even to defend himself. Upon seeing the canister, RoboCop 2 immediately ceases fire and takes it. Since this would hinder OCP's attempts to take over the city, they send RoboCop 2 in to kill everyone. He had a chaingun on his left arm with a retractable battling ram, and an assault cannon, similar to that used by Clarence's gang in the past, on his right shoulder. When he finally sees his wife, he tells her that the face was placed on him to honor her husband. Music Irvin Kershner Dr. Juliette Faxx was the head the OCP Attitude Adjustment team and became the psychologist responsible for overseeing the RoboCop 2 project.

The soundtrack album was released by Varèse Sarabande. There's a citywide police strike, in protest of pay cuts masterminded by the evil Omni Consumer Products conglomerate, a giant corporation that wants to replace cops with RoboCops and take over Detroit in the process. He then leads the striking officers off the picket line to attack Cain's hideout. RoboCop 2 debuted at No.2 at the box office. Previous. As RoboCop is property of OCP and cannot strike, this measure increases his duties as the city sinks further into chaos and terror. USD $14 million The vicious little tyke gets a tender deathbed scene, no doubt out of deference to his tender years. The plan succeeded, and whilst RoboCop 2 was basking in the pleasure of his fix, RoboCop leapt onto his back, first shooting away at the armored clasps on his torso, then tearing into it with his hands, finally tearing out the container with the cyborg's brain within. Frank MillerWalon Green The scientists decide they need someone similar, like a criminal with a desire for power and immortality, regardless of the cost. His original screenplay for RoboCop 2 took on an almost "urban legend" status and his original script for RoboCop 2 was later turned into a nine-part comic book series called Frank Miller's RoboCop. The existence of 1990's RoboCop 2 was an inevitability; almost as inevitable as the wet noodle the project would turn out to be.

RoboCop arrives, and the two cyborgs battle throughout the building, eventually falling off the roof and into an underground facility. She also expressed her opinion about the Hob character, "The aimlessness of RoboCop 2 runs so deep that after exploiting the inherent shock value of such an innocent-looking killer, the film tries to capitalize on his youth by also giving him a tearful deathbed scene." RoboCop was able to defeat his adversary once again. Distributor Angie caressed his brutal metal exterior, but, just as it seemed as if RoboCop 2 was placated, he grew angry, wrapping a claw around Angie's face and head and viciously killing her.

Orion Pictures It is possible that the RoboCop 2 unit was reused for another human subject of OCP's law enforcement experiments, despite the fact that this would likely cause further embarrassment for the company after the world witnessed the machine's rampage while Cain was its original host. Ken Tucker of Entertainment Weekly gave the comic a "D" score, criticizing the "tired story" and lack of "interesting action." RoboCop 2 was just as hooked on Nuke as his past self and Juliette Faxx had decided that this addiction would be the perfect way to control him, after the failures of the other test subjects. I hesitate to suggest the vicious little tyke has been shoehorned into this R-rated movie so that the kiddies will have someone to identify with when they see it on video, but stranger things have happened.

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