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Sadler: I was offered the role and I remember thinking, “How cool is this? Not to mention she was willig to commit genocide in the prime universe, too.

I love the fact that Discovery is only 14-15 episodes for I find it hard to invest a lot of time into all the shows that are out there right now. Again, that is hardly the same thing. By the time Reed was posted to Enterprise NX-01, he was no longer actively involved in covert operations. Onboard the NCIA-93, Leland and Georgiou recruited Tyler. I also love Michelle Yeoh has committed to Trek so I am hoping for the best. By the 24th century people don’t know Section 31 exists. 1. I’d also love to see that proposed Khan movie series inbetween TOS and TWOK…I want to see Zahn McClarnon in that part (Akecheta on Westworld, Longmire, Fargo, Midnight Texas)… Imagine: ZAAAAAHN! Especially considering the fact that even Law and Order had a series that was cancelled after the first season and CSI Cyber sure didn’t last long.

And I ended up doing three episodes of Deep Space Nine, which was great. The questioning of the values of the Federation was done in the most shallow and weakest ways possible. Good grief. We spin these dreams and these stories, and people connect with them in some important way. “I think it is strange to accept all the other shows that presented this…” I don’t accept those shows without complaints. @Mel > 3. is not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with CBS Studios Inc., Paramount Pictures Corp or the “Star Trek” franchise. Yes but a contract IS a contract. :-P. I think that the idealist view of the future is one of the things that attracts many of us to the Star Trek universe. But I wouldn’t be shocked not to see S31 pop up on the new Picard show. It’s not exactly tactical genius.

I doubt it will happen but it shows how far they can go with this group. This is so exciting. They are making a dozen shows in the next few years they can’t bring him on for any of those?

Moore’s BSG used that and made something with a million layers of ideas. So relieved that Bo Yeon Kim and Erica Lippoldt are the two main writers for this show.

Half of us here were probably teenagers when we first got hooked on real Trek. I should also note that it is far from self-evident that ideology is unimportant in forming alliances. I am in an utter state of disbelief that some of my fellow Trek fans are celebrating this news.

I remember thinking, “How freaking cool is it that the Federation, this honorable group, these honorable people for all these years, had this little worm in there who’s been changing history for decades.”.

Exploring unknown regions of space, they discovered the SS Botany Bay, with Augments still in cryostasis.

The 1960s were as turbulent and scary as now, even more so, with the Vietnam War and all the various movements and battles going on, and it was a scary, chaotic time, but Star Trek chose to show us a future that was utterly different, where diversity was celebrated, human impulses were directed toward self-improvement and positive learning, and cruelty was a bad thing.

This is consistent with Sloan's comment that Section 31 was created as part of the "original" Starfleet charter, but not with Bashir's statement that Section 31 had managed to stay hidden for "over three hundred years" in "Tacking Into the Wind". It’s like trying to give Hitler a ‘redemption’. Amen! As it so happened, Babylon 5 had, from its very start, already featured a very similar clandestine organization called Psi Corps. Not worrisome, but par for the course these days.

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