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The technical evolution and design of Spartan shields evolved from bashing and shield wall tactics, and were of such great importance in the Spartan army that while losing a sword and a spear was an exception, to lose a shield was a sign of disgrace. These swords were used by the officers and leaders of the famous Spartan infantry for close combat at … Spartan Warrior Swords for sale are 34 ½ inches in all. This secondary weapon would have been employed if the crush of battle rendered a hoplites spear useless or if it was broken. Spartan hoplite warriors also carried a short sword called a xiphos.

The early Celtic La Tène short sword, contemporary with the xiphos, had a virtually identical blade design as the xiphos. Spartan Officer's Sword of King Leonidas These Sparta swords are replicas of the one believed to have been carried by King Leonidas , leader of the 300 at the battle of Thermopylae. The early xiphos was a bronze sword, and in the classical period, would have been made of iron. Roman Swords: Spartan Warrior Swords Solid Carbon Steel Blade $79.99. These Swords are inspired by the real sword carried by King Leonidas and his 300 Spartans at the Battle of Thermopylae. Regardless of the reasons for using such a short sword, the Spartan swords produced by Windlass Steelcrafts were copied from the book "The Spartan Army" and have a properly proportioned blade, a bronze grip, a simple and practical scabbard and in short (pardon the pun) are pretty much right on the money from an archeological point of view. Not only does it protect the user, but it also protects the whole phalanx formation. Among most Greek warriors this weapon had an iron blade of about two feet (.6 m), however the Spartan version was typically only 12-18 inches. Bronze swords are cast and are thus more easily formed into a leaf shape than iron swords, which need to be forged.

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