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The Galaxy X-class was a type of Federation starship, in Starfleet service at the end of the 24th century, and were expected to continue in service into the 25th century. Armament: Four Type-V phaser emitters, two micro-torpedo launchers (fore and aft), aft-mounted variable purpose emitter. As with most starships, the main bridge was modular and could be completely replaced with another bridge if the need called for it. Performance: Maximum delta-v, 12,250 m/sec. It says that ablative hull armor is not easy to produce. Not all systems are checked centrally by Main Engineering; to do so would occupy too much computer time by routing every single process to one location. (TNG: "Encounter at Farpoint") The saucer was even capable of crash-landing on a planetary surface. Star Trek - Generation Fleet Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

Once this is analyzed by the tactical officer, the shield can be configured to have the same frequency as the incoming weapon - but different nutation. Range: 4.3 x 10^10 kilometers (TNG: "Brothers"), Galaxy-class ships had at least four medical laboratories of varying sizes. (TNG: "Yesterday's Enterprise"), Galaxy-class starships had twenty transporter rooms located throughout the vessel. A food replicator and a personal holographic viewer are located in the living area. First launched in 2357 but seeing a major refit program in the 25th century, several vessels of the class continue to serve in Starfleet. It is located on Deck 1. The first of the variants were assembled and launched from the Advanced Starship Design Bureau Integration Facility, Utopia Planitia, Mars starting in 2369 before being consolidated with the rest of the primary production facilities on Earth, namely McKinley Station by 2370. (TNG: "Genesis") Certain Galaxy-class ships, such as the USS Venture, were refitted with additional phaser strips on the dorsal surfaces of their nacelles by 2372. The walls of the room were designed to be a three-dimensional display. The Enterprise-E and Voyagers "Author, Author" as well as DS9's "Doctor Bashir, I Presume?"

There are also racks of hand-to-hand combat weapons, for use in training. This page was last edited on 12 June 2012, at 13:30. There are twenty-eight independent tactical sensors on on the Galaxy Class. Overall Beam: 463.73 meters, Maximum Velocity Warp: Warp 9.6 (ES only), Warp 9.9, Standard - 11 Type X phasers, 3 torpedo launchers

There are 25 levels of phaser marksmanship. The battle bridge was modular, like the main bridge; at least two variants have been seen aboard Galaxy-class ships. Deck 26: Engineering Support Type: Standard magnetohydrodynamic gas-fusion thrusters designed specifically for the Galaxy Class. Though new Galaxy class ships are being produced without any science or diplomatic facilities included in order to reduce the vessel mass and so enhance combat performance during the Dominion War. When the Captain needs to know how many people are injured, those who find out serve at these stations. As such, only the Paula Green has the possibility of having this upgrade [I think it was built (or more techncial, commissioned) during/after the Dominion War started in the Alpha Quadrant]. Performance: Warp 4. These ones can also be used for spatial burying. The front of the shuttle is divided by a wall with a closable hatch, allowing for the aft area to be opened to the vacuum of space. All the Galaxy Class Starships in ST:EQ should have these upgrades [speed increase and "pollution solution"]. Emergency Transporters (Beam-Out only): 6, Standard Data Transmission Speed: 18.5 kiloquads per second The Galaxy Class operates on LCARS build version 5.2 to account for increases in processor speed and power, and limitations discovered in the field in earlier versions, and increased security. However Starfleet is confident that this vessel will continue to perform in its role with the best results, the assumption has only been proved wrong by extreme circumstances in the past. Type: Utility Craft. 360 degree omni antenna coverage, 0.0001 arc-second high-gain antenna pointing resolution. Deck 2: Senior Officer's Quarters, Junior Officer�™s Quarters Arrangement: Three fixed-focus torpedo launchers, one forward launcher on the secondary and another aft. The Captain's Ready Room is on the fore port of the Bridge. Additional data: Applicable to civilizations up to technology level III. With an ultimate goal towards creating a useful all-purpose shuttlecraft, the designers of the Type-11 Personnel Shuttle set out to create a craft that was equipped with all the systems of a starship within the shell of a relatively small shuttle. Commander This gives the Galaxy class warp coils an efficiency of 88% at speeds of up to Warp 7 and 52% through Warp 9.120 - the comparable figures for the Nebula class are 84% and 47% respectively. The Uprated version of this vessel is considered to be the ideal choice for short-range interplanetary travel, and its large size makes it suitable to transport personnel and cargo over these distances. The first group of these were delivered in 2337 to the last Renaissance Class starship, the USS Hokkaido. Level 1 Diagnostic - This refers to the most comprehensive type of system diagnostic, which is normally conducted on ship's systems. Powerplant: Vectored deuterium microfusion propulsion, extended deuterium fuel supply

Security levels are also variable, and task-specific. Now it was time for the next generation to start. But, in my personal opinion, I think that Starfleet would wait on this particular upgrade. The second area in which there is an obvious upgrade is the phasers. However, several emitters (usually two) fire at once in the array during standard firing procedures, resulting in a higher discharge. Type: Medium short-range sublight shuttle. During emergency situations the generators are synchronized together providing two thousand six hundred eighty-eight megawatts continuously. Generally, civilians and non-essential personnel would evacuate to the saucer module, while the senior staff confronted a threat in the battle section, which contained the majority of weapons systems.
Its diplomatic efforts helped cool tensions between smaller, regional powers and prevent dramatic upheavals to the security of the Federation during the Klingon Civil War, and frequently checked Romulan and Cardassian operations in tense situations. Colored circular dots approximately the size of a human hand whirl across the walls, and the person aims and fires.

The aft bulkhead carried several additional consoles. Access to all Starfleet data is highly regulated. (TNG: "Transfigurations"), A morgue facility with storage slots for several bodies was located adjacent to sickbay. The current lifepods are called ASRVs, or autonomous survival and recovery vehicles. Once down however, there is no going back. Which type of diagnostic is used in a given situation will generally depend upon the criticality of a situation, and upon the amount of time available for the test procedures. Power Plant: One 150 cochrane warp engine, two 750 millicochrane impulse engines, six RCS thrusters.

Had it not been for the third nacelle the power level would never have been reached, and again Starfleet did not want to wait. Low observatory coatings and hull materials. It was one of the largest and most powerful Federation starship classes of its time, with many serving in the Dominion War. Now, what happens to the secondary is up in the air. These could be customized as needed, (TNG: "Chain of Command, Part I") and were reconfigured at least twice. For the most part the Battle Bridge is only used when the vessel is in separated flight mode. When Starfleet gave the project it's official name they conceded to the designer's wishes and it was the Galaxy Class. By the late 2330's designers were ready to jump into something that had much larger proportions. This bridge duplicates most of the functions of the Main Bridge, but places emphasis on piloting, support, and defensive operations. While rarely seen stationed aboard all but the largest starships, the Type-9A is a common site at any large Starfleet facility. Accommodation: Two flight crew, two passengers. Those lessons are now being studied and accounted for on a regular basis to prevent unnecessary loss of life. However, it should be noted that Starfleet Operations has deemed that the 15A spaceframe exhausts its fuel supply rather quickly and its production at major assembly plants is now discontinued. The upgrade made the ship faster and more efficient allowing it to achieve Warp 9.9 for twelve hours. There were at least two laboratories based there; one, a smaller facility similar to the other labs aboard the ship; another, a much larger cylindrical room spanning three decks.
Should a crisis develop, it may revert to a four-shift system of six hours to keep crew fatigue down. Contents[show] Background The Galaxy class was developed to replace the aging Ambassador class and Oberth class starships as Starfleets primary exploration vessel. The TNG TM says that refits will occur every twenty years. (TNG: "Ethics"), There was a separate room located near the main sickbay facility on Deck 12 that contained the emergency bio-support unit. There were at least three sickbay wards aboard the ship, (TNG: "Tapestry") with at least one in the saucer section (TNG: "Genesis") and another in the stardrive section. Type: Light short-range warp shuttle. Delta-v limit: 0.65c The Galaxy-Class is an Exploration Cruiser. While the Odyssey was retreating, a Jem'Hadar attack ship made a suicide run at its stardrive section, causing a massive hull breach and resulting in the complete destruction of the ship. Deck 14: Shuttlebay Support, Personnel Transporters 5 and 6 All personnel on board are tested every six months in phaser marksmanship.

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