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“After reviewing the details of this particular injury, and using rigorous medical criteria as a guide, it was determined this surgery is essential,” a hospital spokesperson said in a statement. Please login to leave a reply. Blue Jays like to walk a lot of batters so I’d say there is no mismanagement whatsoever. so many pitches allowed and then you’re taken out. So how do you help alleviate the problem? It’s extended some legendary careers and allowed others to blossom. Especially when every medical resource is precious—and pro athletes are already under fire for receiving preferential testing and treatment. Will people go for it? You can get complete games and your pitchers can stay on the field all year.

From 1974-1994 there was a total of 12 MLB players that had the procedure done. Having improper mechanics will put strain on the arm no matter how hard the player throws. Guys throwing 100 are going to get hurt. As one point of reference, the DH has worked. Hate to see that happening in his FA year. Even in areas where there have been no reported cases, or very few, and it hasn’t spread yet, that’s changing by the hour. Tommy John surgery 'epidemic'? Tommy John surgery is a procedure in which a partial or fully torn ulnar collateral ligament on the medial side of the elbow is replaced with a tendon from another part of a patient's body or from a cadaver. Will it solve everything? Luis Gonzalez 12. Brad Hawpe 15. If he returns to form – and there’s every chance he can – he’d be a bargain and a big piece of the bullpen. This joke is so stupid yet I still laughed. Pollock, who left Wednesday’s game early with a hamstring cramp, was out of the starting lineup Thursday, but he is available off of the bench. Fans want excitement and entertainment. yes the shutdown didn’t help pitchers but not too many teams can say they had this many common injuries. (Erick W. Rasco). The highest rated games in baseball history weren’t necessarily because of high scoring. Craig Gentry 11. Next, average velocities are climbing every year. there is a concern with the Blue Jays. The surgery was performed by Dr. Frank Jobe in 1974. If you can’t trust management unable to fill out lineup cards or demand smart baseball, who can you trust? The kids are throwing through fatigue and the arm never gets a chance to recover properly. Contracts will get shorter, more incentive-laden, and likely at lower guaranteed levels. (2014, May 04). "Throwing breaking balls at an early age is still a problem because young kids can't throw it properly so the mechanics get them.".

“That’s where it gets me a little uncomfortable, because if, let’s say, a clinic is performing Tommy John surgery and using medical supplies that might need to be shunted to a city hospital, then that’s a responsibility that private clinics—as well as clinics that are in hospitals, and all the rest—should be thinking about before they’re saying, ‘Well, we’re going to be doing these because the financial health of the player is in jeopardy.’”. As Passan notes, Matt Moore, Kris Medlen, Brandon Beachy, Patrick Corbin, Jarrod Parker and Johnson's teammate, Cory Luebke, are pitchers who were at or near the top of their team's rotations when they got hurt. “I think it’s a really fuzzy line,” says Christopher Scott, the chair of medical ethics and health policy at Baylor College of Medicine, when it comes to defining what procedures are, legally speaking, essential or not. Retrieved December 12, 2017, from, We use cookies to improve our site, personalize content and serve more relevant advertising on other platforms. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. Ferguson also had Tommy John surgery as a high school senior in 2014. Among the states that have issued executive orders on the subject, there’s varied language on what exactly is prohibited, from “elective” procedures (New Jersey) to “non-essential” (Ohio) to “non-urgent” (Kentucky). Jay Buhner 4. That is not code for “let’s help increase scoring”. “And I think it’s arguably a bad idea to do anywhere right now….

We’ve watched monitoring over the last 20 years and they have not worked for the most part. The Reds/Braves game was exciting. It’s a belief that have no fact. That's a staggering number, one that has sparked widespread conversation as to whether pitcher injuries have reached "epidemic" proportions. Now, UCL reconstruction surgery is known as Tommy John Surgery and has become a very common occurrence in the MLB, especially among pitchers. Giles looked like a prime candidate to move before then, as he was among the majors’ most dominant relievers.

All Rights Reserved. Pederson, who has one hit in his last 11 at-bats, is slashing .174/.268/.376 with six home runs and 12 RBIs this season.

“There’s no medical need where you need to have that,” says Arthur Caplan, head of the division of medical ethics at New York University School of Medicine. Raise the mound. That cannot happen anymore if they want to help prolong the careers of pitchers, starting pitchers in-particular. How are you having elbow problems when you're just a kid?'". You claim 1-0 games aren’t exciting. Rafael Furcal 10. Automate the strike zone… ( Give the pitchers back the letter high strike) more strikes, more swings, faster pace, LESS pitches eventually after everyone adjusts, Raise mound 3 inches (Alleviates a little stress on arm *if proper mechanics ), – Special Dl for Sps – No need to stipulate why, just open the doors up for unlimited 5 day Dl trips for Sps – A lot of the time they just need to miss a start after a brutal high pitch high stress start before, ***** A lot of this has to start at the AAU/travel ball level anyways where pitchers are toasting their arms for the coat tails of the coaches dreams…If your a parent of a good pitcher you most certainly have the right to “jump in” here whenever you deem it nessasary – Your kid shouldnt be pitching anywhere over 75 inns a year at 14/15 no matter what the level.

Syndergaard went under the knife in Florida last Thursday. Instead, Giles was unable to follow up and could only throw 3 2/3 innings of four-run ball in 2020. Now, UCL reconstruction surgery is known as Tommy John Surgery and has become a very common occurrence in the MLB, especially among pitchers. Langager, C. (2015, March 3). Doctors, patients, and employers have to adhere to a different standard than random strangers making predictions from a distance. Before, it was very rare to see someone consistently throwing in the upper 90s range or hitting 100 miles per hour. Both of those things, of course, usually lead to ineffectiveness, and there's always the risk of further damage. Also, if a hitter wants to crouch down and the pitch crosses the eyes but it would cross the top of the chest when standing straight up, it’s a strike. In the next 5 years (1995-1999) there were bout 22 Tommy John surgeries performed on MLB players. Those figures don't account for the fact that the surgery is much more advanced now than it was in the earlier years of the study. But Syndergaard’s was scheduled for late last week in Florida—after an executive order from Gov.

History has proven the best pitchers going toe to toe brings fans to the TV screen. Ferguson also had Tommy John surgery as a high school senior in 2014. “I think there’s a bigger kind of concern around this, and that’s the social responsibility,” Scott says. Once you make up your mind, get it done. no, but it could help limit a lot of the tension that is destroying the arms of young men. Anyone not built like hulk hogan ever get the surgery? Triple win.

"Throwing breaking balls at an early age is still a problem because young kids can't throw it properly so the mechanics get them. Chris Sale, Justin Verlander, Ken Giles, and so many others.

“That could change, obviously. The procedure was first performed by Dr. Frank Jobe on Dodgers pitcher Tommy John in September 1974. The information from Andrews, as well as Kelley's theory, helps to explain the rise in arm injuries, but why are so many of those escalating to a major operation like Tommy John surgery? Yes. If it proves to limit major arm injuries, the system might be lauded as triumphant anyway -- especially if the current rash of elbow problems continues to plague rosters throughout the league. He grimaced after striking out Jurickson Profar and walked off the mound while motioning toward the dugout. Players are getting bigger, better, and stronger each year. The homerun will not go away thanks to technology, small parks and stronger hitters. Carl Crawford 8. But, with higher velocity comes higher force and strain that is put on the arm, specifically the UCL. In other news water is wet.

"The big risk factor is year-round baseball ... and number two is playing in more than one league at the same time, where rules don't count" the renown doctor said. Just an observation. Yep. Beede’s surgery was done on March 20 in Texas, a few days before the state issued an executive order about elective procedures. Or if you wanted to get drastic, move to pitching machines. Sports' Jeff Passan wrote that Johnson's would be the 22nd known case of the operation in 2014 alone. After losing his velocity, Giles was still throwing 94. Growing in Number. Ferguson, who finished the season with a 2-1 record and a 2.89 ERA in 21 appearances, was injured in the bottom of the eighth inning in San Diego on Tuesday night. Dr. Frank Jobe performed the operation on the 31-year-old John in 1974. (Bob DeChiara/USA TODAY Sports), In the current environment, Caplan says, “[Surgery patients] don’t get procedures for their livelihood, they get them for their lives.”, That runs counter to the argument Dr. Neal ElAttrache made earlier this week in the San Francisco Chronicle, where the sports surgeon said, “I know that I’m going to get criticized for taking care of these kinds of guys, but it’s essential to their livelihoods.

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