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Hey, at least it's not glitter? For the coworkers who don't yet know the permanence of getting glitter on yourself, this prank is sure to set them straight. Click here if you're serious about trolling your coworker's workstation -- just keep in mind you will have to buy more than one pack of trolls to make this stunt worth it. But what other, less conventional pranks are out there to add some kicks to an otherwise average day at the office? These real people and situations fall under the latter, starting with a person who thought a real $50 bill was a counterfeit $40 note. This is certainly one way to make sure everyone's alert before a meeting. Change the terms of breakfast ever so slightly, and the kitchen becomes the most confusing room in the office. If you've watched the TV show "The Office" as religiously as I have, the classic "stapler in Jell-O" trick surely sounds familiar. Settings > General > Keyboard > Add new shortcut will make this prank a reality against your most detail-oriented colleague. HubSpot also recommends this company culture guide (+ free template). Marketing automation software. For more information, check out our privacy policy. We wonder how many people fell for this…. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(53, '3f403048-fd8e-426f-bddd-4fce020ae24b', {}); Every company has a story about that funny office prank of yore. A post shared by Alice Lei (@alicerabbit1) on Aug 1, 2015 at 4:04pm PDT. Who said you couldn't be helpful while also being a prankster? Unfortunately (or fortunately), that is just one of the many weird and crazy construction FAILS that we've rounded up for you today. Print a picture of him at his most, well, enthusiastic -- and allow him to greet everyone who takes a bathroom break. Prank them with their very own throne the next time nature calls. Or, leave it in your coworker's office when they're on break. Practical Joke Ideas – Good Practical Jokes 1. It's pretty much what the name describes: Simply make a batch of Jell-O, but make sure your colleague's stapler is hidden inside the mold. It might be a little too much for your jumpiest colleague, but for the person who can't stop talking about scary movies, it's just the revenge you deserve. Haven't you ever wanted to get a room's attention the second you walk through the door? Meatloaf cake… we’d probably still eat it. Make a faux milk spill out of craft glue and place it on someone’s laptop or other important item. Here are some ideas. The upside is they won't need a towel. This is a good gesture to someone who loves the expression, "needle in a haystack." Accounting is getting their toilet replaced, so we decided to play a little #prank on my boss before they install it #officeprank #workingefficiently #multitasking, A post shared by Alice (@alicetaywong) on Jul 17, 2015 at 4:33pm PDT. "That's it -- you're suspended." Premium plans, Connect your favorite apps to HubSpot. Continue reading to see. When you finally learn about your colleague's celebrity crush, make sure they know how much you care. Imgur. Or, it could make for the greatest prank of all time against the coworker who's violently allergic to cats (that is, as long as they're not allergic to photos of cats, too). Stay up to date with the latest marketing, sales, and service tips and news. See all integrations. Work with your IT department to fertilize this prank perfectly. Flirting is difficult. We just hope nobody called the paramedics on this poor, empty suit. LOL Pics 2014 Man Vs Wife, 3134 views on Imgur: The magic of the Internet, Photo credit: OO CitiesThere are some days where one thing goes wrong after the other, and then there's the days where things just don't make sense. (Hint: paper mache, white paint, and a black wig. Continue reading. Help your coworker who loves taking his/her work home, take their home to work instead. We suggest targeting someone who sits close to the window -- some pranks just need some sunlight. Well, this prank can't make that promise. Speaking of Halloween, here's what nightmares are truly made of. Yogurt sandwiches, yum! Or, just put 'em at your colleague's desk and give them a much-needed identity crisis. Read The HubSpot Culture Code: Creating a Company We Love. Morning after that long weekend.. think they'll notice? Simple, yet brilliant. Fill the most likely emergency exit with this pepper spray or tear gas and pull the fire alarm. This prank works two ways: You can either surprise the next team who reserves this room, or have a day-long meeting in here without anyone knowing your business. The downside is it'll be nothing like where they were. Luckily, you can buy many of these trolls in bulk. Free and premium plans, Content management system software. Done.). Just make sure the person who arrives in the morning to a floating desk doesn't try to sit down ... Hey everyone, there's cake up for grabs in the kitchen! Set this guy up in your office bathroom and see how long it takes for people to start talking. Jun 14, 2019 - Explore Create Positive Space / Kelly 's board "Practical Jokes", followed by 313 people on Pinterest. A gentle fright never hurt anyone! Or, for the coworker who takes way too many bathroom breaks during the day. Well, the prank below will even get the person entering to stand up straight. Imgur. Dip each onion in caramel -- maybe some red food coloring first, if you need to further disguise them -- and stick popsicle sticks down the center. Sometimes, you're not sure how to ask for another day off. ", This is just cruel #officeprank #aprilfools #krispykreme #mean #notcool, A post shared by Free Humor (@scotchandsarcasm) on May 12, 2017 at 12:02pm PDT, You could freak out just looking at the photo of this horrifying prank. A perfect prank for the office ! #tbt to when I did a simple, but cruel joke to my co-worker. haha this is one of the best lol pics 2014 that you can find. This little note pranks the entire office -- a true masterpiece of prank-dom. I'm just now realizing I may be the reason she left... oops. You will of course have some static electricity when you exit the room. "I don't know, I feel like my boss is always watching me," your coworker might say. There's something fishy about this office prank ... Just be sure to include fish food; experts suggest you should feed this prank twice a day. Sometimes, you'll come across buildings with strange signs, and other times, construction oddities, like this one, that will leave you puzzled. Imgur. Soon enough, its user will wonder why their keyboard is growing. Create Positive Space / Kelly Hannah/Mimmie. Free and premium plans, Customer service software. In this case, you might be waiting forever. A delayed reaction practical joke that is well worth the wait! Pulling the Fire Alarm: Find a way to get tear gas or an excessive amount of pepper spray. Imgur. Whether you're doing some early April Fool's Day research, or just feeling a little tricksy, it's time to get a prank of your own in the books. We asked our friends and combed the internet for more examples of some of the funniest office pranks, and pulled together this list to serve as inspiration for your own work pranks. Back to that #workgrind #mondaysbelike #struggleisreal #readyfortheweekend #officeprank bringing the #laughs, A post shared by L Weaver (@elleweav) on May 30, 2017 at 5:54am PDT. This is the perfect use for those sticky notes that keep piling up -- especially if they're all for someone who just won't finish his or her tasks. About that whole, "At least it's not glitter" thing in prank #9? to help give you the best experience we can. This one is so simple … In … :p #officeprank #scaredofspiders #donotmove #loveyoumeanit, A post shared by Devan Harrold (@devanalyse) on Apr 27, 2017 at 8:41pm PDT. They're sure to return to a potent workspace. Happy hunting. Pants in the Stall. ... Or anyone, really, who never has enough time to make a pit stop -- especially if they have specific bathroom decor preferences. This could actually make your cat-loving coworker's day. The prank, however, is written in frosting. For those days where you simply can't come into work, but don't have the heart to call out again, the doll who looks just like you is the perfect substitute. The prank below is a wonderful way to remind them before they take off for the day. Nicolas Cage is easy to come by in the meme community these days. For the man who never has enough time. Constant updates of the best funny pictures on the web. And finally, for the boss who has everything, it's the gift that keeps on giving. Love you guys! But, make sure you aren’t in a close radius! This prank doesn't have to have an actual spider in it -- the mystery, alone, is all you need to prank your employee. We're committed to your privacy. The good news is you have all these nutritious alternatives to help your immune system cope with the lack of donuts. Want more? Funny Pictures brought to you by LolSnaps. Suddenly a "quick checkin" doesn't seem all that bad. See more ideas about Bones funny, Funny pictures, Just for laughs. For trolls, by trolls. Surprise your coworker when he/she comes back from a beach getaway with, well, another beach getaway. Bring someone their favorite fast food treat, but then replace the food in the box with veggies. #smartass #birthday #officeprank #fridayfun #coffee #coffeetime #middlefinger, A post shared by David Miclette (@davidmiclette) on Apr 28, 2017 at 5:54am PDT. It's a classic prank. "Hey chief, I found a spider on your desk, but don't worry, it's been handled." Of course, it'll be a lesson to anyone who, I suppose, tries to sit too low at their desk. It's all fun and games 'til someone gets fired. When Halloween is around the corner, these caramel onions are no match for other tricks (or treats). Thanks @mg2418 and @p2theslingshot for the birthday mug!

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