tries in a sentence

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A man tries to kidnap Sookie at the airport. When not saving the world, Frank tries to make time with no-nonsense Russian scientist Dr. Olga Vucavich (Justina Vail), who keeps insisting she's not interested. In this book he tries to prove that Bernard (Sapiens), Alcuin, Boniface and Joannes Scotus Erigena were all Scots, and even Boadicea becomes a Scottish author. It took a few tries, but the balance is achievable. Follow the hunt as Mike tries to slay and his doctor tries to keep up with his tracks. The commissioner who tries a petition sends to the High Court a certificate of the result, together with reports as to corrupt and illegal practices, &c., similar to those made to the speaker by the judges who try a parliamentary election petition. Once a week the person tries to get to the sacrament of reconciliation.

On Kendra, viewers get a look at Wilkinson's life as she moves on from the mansion and tries to build a new world with her husband, NFL player Hank Baskett. He, therefore, tries to save on food and gets malnourished. This was also a time of social polarization, which HS tries to counter with the jubilee provisions of Leviticus 25. Quins scored 11 tries in total, with Nick Easter claiming two second half touchdowns. He tries to fit the old methods to the new regime. Ultimate Guitar tries to help you out by allowing users to rate the transcriptions so you can see which ones are being well received and which are being ignored. Benjamin tries to find himself in this 1964 film. 92. When someone tries to perform a strenuous activity, such as shoveling snow, in cold weather, they are putting an extra strain on their heart. empty the bowels every morning The body's clock always tries to follow the cycles of nature. It may take several tries to see what type of sound or movement the baby responds to best, so be ready to try different methods.

With a seemingly bottomless bag of tricks, Gaughan is one of those rare freaks who seem good at just about anything he tries. If someone tries to attack you, just point it at them. Instead of negative thoughts, try making these more positive statements: Try not to traumatize him, but get him out quickly. Often, it is the child who tries to manipulate the situation based upon what she perceives to be an act of loyalty towards the other parent. Is there a particular style vibe Old Navy Plus tries to portray (i.e. He tries to help her fight the vampires and the demons. As with all stop snoring products, there are no guarantees that this one will work for everyone who tries it. Anybody who tries to cheat them, steal from them or spy on them can expect immediate retribution. English words and Examples of Usage use "tries" in a sentence China advocates peaceful reunification with Taiwan, but refuses to renounce the use of force if the island nation tries to declare its independence. He tries his best even when he fails; he has a good soul and helps people whenever he can. He or she will also place the stethoscope over the child's abdomen; when renal vein thrombosis is present, the doctor may hear an abnormal "whooshing" as blood tries to flow through the blocked vessel.
Original Mode tries to shake things up a little by adding in a few waves of smaller enemies, more in line with most other offerings in this genre.

He tries to phenomenalize it, and thus resolve y. " As your body tries to flush them out, it uses up as much water as it can find for this purpose. If you want a clean, classic and conservative look to your lawn and garden, don't go with a gardener who tries to talk you into digging up a chunk of your yard for a goldfish pond! refuted by scientists, the community accepts that and tries to find another, better theory. Any time anyone tries to raise the subject to Donnie, he just turns away and acts as if he didn't hear the question. "Brother, I.ll kill you both if either of you tries to take her," he said. Even the most resolute modern orthodoxy usually tries to modify this doctrine.

A customer tries to withdraw cash from an ATM but no cash is dispensed. The bounty hunter screams as he desperately tries to swat off the bugs. His 34 tries is also a record for an international scrum half. See more. Not everyone who produces gobbledygook tries to hide from their sins. He tries. New York Goes to Work debuted on VH1 on May 4, 2009, and follows Pollard as she tries to land a "regular" job to pay her expenses while she's between acting gigs.

Alaric reveals he knows even more about vampires as he uses vervain and fools Damon when Damon tries to compel him. The "Yoga Sleuth" function tries different classes around the city and provides a full report of the experiences. The author really tries to dig beneath the surface of the usually monosyllabic Coen Brothers and is pretty successful. Sometimes she tries to spell very short words on her small [fingers] but she is too young to remember hard words.

Now he tries to come out. You can imagine the hilarity at my wedding when Ildiko tries to say " this is my solemn vow. Tries sentence examples.

You should be able to get in a couple attacks before he tries to go after you. Someone who tries to change you isn't really interested in being with you, but with someone he or she can mold. He tries to stand out: This guy might try to get you to notice him by teasing you, being loud, taking risks around you, or having animated gestures. Caird (Evolution of Religion, 1893) tries to vindicate Christianity as the highest working of nature - true just because evolved from lower religions.
Walter's line to pal Donny whenever Donny tries to offer an opinion.

twitter gently in the background as Iain quite literally tries to charm them from the trees with his sweetest serenade.

When the child tries to avoid moving a painful joint, the muscle may begin to shorten from disuse. Sentence with word tries. When the first two tries proved unsuccessful, tempers frayed even more. Since she always tries to find the best in people, Jen can be described as credulous. You can let players try to hit the various targets, having them keep score as to how many tries it takes them. ABA tries to address this by teaching your child how to respond to a regular conversation. If the visitor does not drop their item and tries to make a run for the gates, then disconnect your connection. While the situations she is shown in on Police Women aren't usually very dangerous, she often deals with impressionable teenagers and tries to make a difference in their lives. Tho it tries to attract adherents, it describes its claimed benefits in a rather restrained fashion. Or you can make a realistic record that takes all of those things and tries to say something truthful about them. masqueradehter, currently masquerading as a human in love, tries to find him. It tries to attain a knowledge as complete as possible of the circumstances under which the act contemplated must be performed, the personalities of the persons whom it may affect, and the consequences (so far as they can be foreseen) which it will produce, and then by virtue of its own power of moral discrimination pronounces judgment. One player puts on the hockey mask and tries to hit people with the axe. SHOW OFF YOUR CAPACIOUS VOCABULARY WITH THE WORD OF THE DAY QUIZ!

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