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If the kid is in the father's custody at the time, she doesn't really have a say, barring getting a court order. 09/18/2017 The whole situation is so weird and sad.....It's terrible that he violated her and the baby's privacy like that. 0, Hyeme of Rania bounded onto our radar earlier this year when she showcased her blessings in MAXIM, and that basically is the justification for posting these fancams of her performing …, IATFB Following the wedding, P-Goon shared a photo on Instagram with the caption, “I express my gratitude to everyone who has congratulated us on our wedding.

As announced on July 17, the former ToppDogg member and former Rania member held their wedding ceremony on August 25. I think that was not cool. I understand this sentiment, but at the same time, he still has rights too. Pasting my comment from the deleted thread. Love Rania. Jul 11, 2019 - Bias order: 1. Both parents need to agree, if one is not in agreement then the thing shouldn't happen. I can see where she’s coming from, not everyone is comfortable with pictures of their children being circulated online. Hopefully things will work out for her in the future.

03/25/2017 Yumin 8. Yijo 10. 170507 | Instagram Live - BP Rania's Yumin with H.U.B's Rui.

The R&B road is definitely the …, Copyright © 2017 | Asian Junkie | All Rights Reserved, Yumin (ex-Rania) says P-Goon (ex-Topp Dogg) revealed child without consent, is raising kid on her own, and they are separated, Fancams of Rania’s Hyeme performing “Style” and “Demonstrate” are always welcome, P-Goon (ex-TOPP DOGG) & Yumin (ex-RANIA) set to get married next month out of nowhere, Rania’s Hyeme also attractive in the rest of the MAXIM pictures, Rania’s Hyeme points out dildos in her MAXIM issue, says she wants to be a succubus, Rania’s Hyeme shows off the assets she’s ‘happy’ with for MAXIM, ‘Idols’ Paxton Fielies claims Rania’s “Demonstrate” as her own, DR Music disagrees, DR Music issues statement acting like they never said Alex left BP Rania … I am confused, BP Rania’s “Make Me Ah” gains attention thanks to whining about it being too sexy, Cosmic Girl (RaNia’s Jooyi) returns with promising “Then What Are You Doing”. This was obviously one of the shotgun variety as P-Goon recently posted pictures … Read More » Fancams of Rania’s Hyeme performing “Style” and “Demonstrate” are always welcome. He not only posted photos, but revealed that they had a child in the first place. Honestly thank god. Hyeme 12. 04/25/2018 On July 17, industry representatives …, IATFB T-ae 2. And I'm not saying the father shouldn't have any rights/contribution to decision making when the couple is separated I'm saying in this particular instance it seems completely valid and protective of her not to want pictures of her baby put on a public platform when they are ex-idols and therefore open to a lot of potential hate / controversy/ safety concerns from saesangs- so what does he gain from doing it that makes it worth going against that wish?

Jieun 6. The staff of the shoot had endless praises for her photos. Especially being an idol, I'd imagine she's acutely aware of the benefit of privacy. RANIA BP RANIA Seulji Zi.U Hyeme Yina Saem ttabo Yumin Alex Alexandra Jieun Alex Reid Alexandra Reid RaNia Zi.u RaNia Seulji RaNia Yina RaNia Saem RaNia ttabo RaNia Yumin RaNia Alex rania alexandra RaNia Jieun RaNiA COMEBACK Rania kpop bp rania kpop gif photoset LISTEN OT7 ALEX FINALLY GOT TO BE ON THE STAGE THE WHOLE TIME

Di 5. We will happily live well. For real though, even going beyond the simple matter of the baby's privacy, it wouldn't be weird for her to not want the stigma of being a single mother attached to her yet. 0, Better late than never especially applies when it comes to the MAXIM photoshoot of Hyeme from Rania. A post shared by @ park.sehyeok on Aug 25, 2018 at 11:53pm PDT, A post shared by @ park.sehyeok on Aug 26, 2018 at 1:37am PDT. 11/15/2017 IATFB even if you yourself wouldn't mind, if the baby's mother truly doesn't want that... why go against her? Between this and the news that Ttabo has apparently left and DR's gone bankrupt... Yikes. K-Entertainment

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