Naseem Kagzi, is a growing artist. She has been born and brought up in the city of culture and art, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. Her artistry can be seen in her Oil Paintings, Madhubani paintings and Rajasthani Miniature paintings, using medium of Oil Paints, poster colors, water colors and acrylic colors. In addition to these, her work also exhibits sketches, still life and landscapes.

Inspired by the beauty of the palaces and colorful Rajputhana stories, she started painting at very young age. Love for painting made her to complete diploma in Fine Arts. She won many awards for giving life to a paper using pencil and colors during curriculum. Later she completed MBA and got a job in a reputed firm and pursued arts as a hobby. But passion for art encouraged her to quit the job and decided to convert passion in to career. Impressed by beauty of her paintings and work, Art Station Bangalore, given her opportunity to explore new career path in the world of colors, which helped her to grow as an artist.